Fresh Griddle Fried Fluke / Flounder | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Fresh Griddle Fried Fluke / Flounder | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Jitterbug rescued two perfect sized fluke from the ocean to the Pit so we used our Blackstone griddle and fried them Pit Boys style.

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15 replies
  1. Randy Miller
    Randy Miller says:

    BBQ Pit Boys…you absolutely live an AWESOME FULL LIFE!!!
    I absolutely love you guys & your UNAPOLOGETIC CARNIVOROUS MEAT LOVING LIFESTYLE aimed at the "Food Police"!!!
    Great video as always…I will be trying this soon!!!
    Much love from Mobile Alabama

  2. Игорь Кошелев
    Игорь Кошелев says:

    Видео атмосферное-слов нет,но вот за приготовление камбалы подозреваю,что жители азовского побережья вам бы ухи поодкручивали.


    Absolutely amazing and delicious as always, I'm going to have try this method out. 🙂

    In my home we cook these bad boys on the grill, then once they're done, we plate them and we just add a nice and generous slice of butter that has been mixed with garlic and herbs, and just let it melt on top of the fish.


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