Flank Steak sandwich recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


McCormick sponsored this video and we appreciate their support. We used their Grill Mates Chipotle Pepper Marinade in our Flank Steak for this Torta sandwich. It was a good blend of spices and seasonings. -BBQ Pit Boys

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  1. Kamyar Shahmoradi
    Kamyar Shahmoradi says:

    They did sell out, they advocated before to make your own mixes so you know whats in it. When you bring in the corporations it stops being about making wholesome good food just commercial garbage

  2. i Granot
    i Granot says:

    Hey BBQ Boys. Have you ever tried that sandwich using a panini press or hot skillet to toast the top bun also? how about toasting the bun while the steak rests?? Just a newbie here trying to learn. thx.


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