Who Has the Best MYSTERY BEEF Hot Dogs (6 of 6) – WHAT ARE WE EATING??

Great on a kaiser roll with mild or hot mustard or sauerkraut.

• Fully Cooked

• Natural Casing

• NO MSG Added

• Gluten Free

Beef, Water, Salt, Contains Less Than 1.5% Of Mustard Powder, Sugar, Flavoring, Sodium Phosphate, Garlic Puree, Paprika, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite, Natural Sheep Casing.

Keep refrigerated.

Proper handling procedures: Store at 28°-36°F for optimum freshness. Once opened, use within 5 days or freeze. After opening, overwrap unused portion with film and refrigerate.

For children under 5 years: Cut lengthwise then slice.

“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. floramew
    floramew says:

    I get the revulsion folks feel at the idea of intestines, but… on further thought, I think I'm more grossed out by "okay but what is the synthetic casing made from?" Like obviously it's not anything too bad or else there'd be lawsuits about it, but like… honestly "how the sausage gets made" is a saying for a reason. There's no way to make that part appetizing, but in the end, it's just sausage.

  2. Zach
    Zach says:

    Have you ever tired Costco’s hotdog? Not by any means saying it is better because I have never had a Dietz and Watson but curious your thoughts on them

  3. cujoedaman
    cujoedaman says:

    Up here in the north east (Michigan, specifically), we have Koegel's viennas and they are the go-to hotdog and are just about as expensive as these, but they are soooo worth it. The nice thing about most natural casing dogs is they are almost always longer than the bun, so not only are you paying a bit more for quality, you're also getting more food for that price.

  4. Did ye, aye?
    Did ye, aye? says:

    Jesus, Larry…..with that description I'm about to buy a plane ticket from Ireland to New York to try those Dogs.

    The "Wolfpitness", the "Larryness", the "fancy fingernailness" all came to life!

  5. The Cleeze
    The Cleeze says:

    I appreciate this series. I've never heard of Deitz, but if I can find them I will try them. Serious question: Is it okay to take a New York brand/style hot dog and eat it Chicago Dog style?

  6. John Davidson
    John Davidson says:

    Nice series. The D & W are not available to me. They sound expensive at $8.00/lb. And they are. But Nathans is not much less expensive. I recently bought a pack of Nathans Jumbos for $5.00. Five dogs, 12 oz, package. A buck a dog. Same as the D&W. Jumbos are 2.4 oz. Per # Nathanks are a bit less but for a buck a dog you get more meat. Depends I guess on what you want.

  7. Hair Bag
    Hair Bag says:

    People just aren't educated. "Natural" casings are some type of intestine and have been used for sausage making since the beginning. That's what gives them the crunchy snap. Everyone has eaten them. Fake ones are good for when you're going to remove them. Summer sausage, etc.

  8. duwbryd
    duwbryd says:

    When I was a kid, my dad was a city fireman in Illinois. The firemen would send me to get them food. One place was a local grocery store deli to get hot dogs that looked just like this. On Thursdays they would send me to Kentucky Fried Chicken to get livers and gizzards. I didn't realize at the time how awesome these were, treats that now being almost 60 yrs old I crave for but I don't know anywhere that sells them here in Idaho.

  9. Robert Greenhouse
    Robert Greenhouse says:

    You've never had a hotdog from Coney Island? None at a hotdog stand in NYC or NJ? SABRETT is always a natural skin hotdog. I'm surprised you didn't show them! They are only available in the south in no skin sadly. Dietz and Watson are available in Winn-Dixie.

  10. Robert Luedeman
    Robert Luedeman says:

    The best I can get around here is Hebrew Nattys. If I choose to I can mail order Sabrett's which you have now got me all fired up to do. I love me a good beef hot dog. . I'm womdering who sells D&Ws around my part of the world. Thanks for the road test, brother.


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