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24 replies
  1. Merlin Athrawes
    Merlin Athrawes says:

    Food wise, if you are on a limited budget or diet, this is actually a very balanced meal for processed foodstuff. I have no idea what it's like for herbs over there, but in the UK we have herbs in pots that are very cheap in the supermarkets (talking a whole pot of growing Parsley, Cilantro, Basil or Chives for $1.50). If you have them, have you considered a tub with a herb garden in it? Mine are 3 years old and always dish up the goods on the windowsill. A small cheap, plentiful herb garden suitable for city or apartment dwelling would be a great change of direction as that is where poor standards of living are mostly found. However, I really like watching these constructive videos! Thumbs up Larry.

  2. Shana de la Gata
    Shana de la Gata says:

    I love your channel and low budget meals. I especially need them in my life right now! My mom was a math teacher though and I have to point out $0.78 (seventy-eight cents) is different that 0.78 cents. (That's just over 3/4 of a penny. 🙂

  3. William Spearshake
    William Spearshake says:

    Hey Larry! Been a fan of your channel since you were at 100k subs….congrats on almost being at 800k! When I first started watching your videos, I had no idea you had a condition that made it difficult for you to use your fingers/hands and I commented on it. For whatever it’s worth… I apologize for pointing it out.

  4. Mehdi Hasham
    Mehdi Hasham says:

    I usually make au gratin potatoes as a side dish, but this is a good idea to make it an entree. I thought the final product looked a little thin? I guess it's personal preference.

  5. Beautiful Angel Blossom
    Beautiful Angel Blossom says:

    i wish it that cheap where i live in Illinois them them potatoes are $2.50 a box that Smoke Sasuge is like 2.99 for Walmart brand. But One could always Use Spam In Stead You should try it Larry . I think i still going to try this But I might add extra cheese and chicken and Bacon Bits and some Onions


    Bam! I'm gonna make that for Mama tomorrow! I'm moving over there to feed her. This week!
    Things are bad, and they are only going to get worse for me. I have extereme decisions to make Rite fuking Now! I'm selling my house to foreigners to live off of the money, I just payed this bitch off in 2019! Oh well I hate my, actually quantifiable moron, neighbors anyway. Now I can build a tiny house and starve someplace else…hooray

  7. l wilton
    l wilton says:

    Larry, if you want to do a What Are We Eating On A Budget, you might look at the Zatarain's product line. A box of dirty rice or red beans and rice can be found for a buck and a half, and either of those along with a half pound to a pound of frozen shrimp or thawed meat of some kind makes a darn good meal for several people. I buy those things in cases of 12 from the internet, and always have a cheap meal handy.

    Oh, and this casserole looks darn good. I think I have almost enough stuff to whip it up and have it. Just have to find some milk next time I go out.


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