Everything you need to know to make a Brisket on a pellet grill (Camp Chef Woodwind)

Brisket can be a daunting cook but there is nothing to be intimidated by. Chef Logan takes you step by step through making a Brisket from start to finish and shares his tallow trick to getting super moist brisket.

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Learn more about making Brisket: https://www.campchef.com/pd-brisket-bible.html?


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  1. Joshua Gholston
    Joshua Gholston says:

    Agreed with the cooking time
    A lot times a brisket can it a “Stall” (small time frame when the internal temp doesn’t raise from the previous temp check).
    I’ve always did a generic standard time frame (1 hr per pound) as a starting point for beginners.

  2. KnotSlip
    KnotSlip says:

    You can do the same things and get the same results smoking it at 300 Deg and cut the cooking time way down. Try it. Me and a buddy only smoke them this way and we have found that we get more consistent results cooking at 300 Deg. Happy smoking!


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