Everything Focaccia Grilled Cheese


Chef Britt is fired up about The Big Game and shares her super simple recipe for Everything Focaccia, then flips it inside out and shows you her techniques for the perfect grilled cheese! This is the perfect appetizer or snack recipe that’s ready to feed a crowd!

Full recipe here: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/everything-focaccia-grilled-cheese/

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  1. B-Thrash
    B-Thrash says:

    Nice recipe Britt, we've always used mayo for our grilled cheese browning, and we always add thin slices of raw purple onion for crunch. Go KC, but watch out for our S.C. man Deebo!!!

  2. gullreefclub
    gullreefclub says:

    I make grilled cheeses planks for social gatherings using a variety of different breads and one of my favorites is baked pizza dough that I form into long rectangles and bake and I use a mix of coarsely grated cheese (Mozzetta, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Swiss, and of course the King of cheeses Parmigiana Reggiani) I also like to give one side of the “bread” a light coat of Dijon mustard and thin layer of shaved pieces of ham, pepperoni, mortadella. For a non meat version I put a think layer of roasted red pepper pieces, chopped black olives artichoke hearts, hearts of palm. I serve them with a tray of radishes, celery sticks, cornichons, carrot sticks, pepperoncinis, and cherry peppers.

  3. Shawn Mitcham
    Shawn Mitcham says:

    I thought the Chief's logo was subtle, but I guess I'm not the only one who noticed. I expect nothing less with where you guys are. It's just nice to see a happy football fan. Here's to hoping for a great game, whoever wins.

  4. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    Put this grilled cheese in tomato soup that’s been topped with the KC BBQ burnt ends that was featured in that video the other day. Thus adding even more BBQ to ATBBQ. Awesome video.


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