El Monterey Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Dinner – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

El Monterey Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Dinner – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

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  1. Nathan
    Nathan says:

    I won't lie. I love your WAWE videos. You put yourself through hell by eating these "meals" just so your fans don't have to, and then you show people a better way of eating on a budget. Some of these frozen dinners look great on the box, but then we see how they look after they are cooked according to the directions, and they don't look that appealing anymore. I would also be interested in seeing you taking these frozen dinners and finding inexpensive ways in making them better, but keep it up. Let's just hope that you doing more WAWE videos doesn't kill you. 😅

  2. TheCotzi
    TheCotzi says:

    They should have get rid of the Tortilla and put more rice in it instead and the filling from the tortilla on the side because bread and bread substitudes never a good thing from the microwave

  3. Babygizmoismykitty 37
    Babygizmoismykitty 37 says:

    I honestly would have stuck around if you wanted to read the list of ingredients, I like a good listen to your videos & almost a story book of ingredients 😌 💗(don't blame you tho n probably better you didn't as might take an hour to sit n listen to that list 🤣) another great video, thanks Wolfe 😀

  4. Scott Johanson
    Scott Johanson says:

    I'll tell you a great TV dinner and if you have a Publix grocery store, Black Hawk Steak or Chops with sides, tator tots, or Mac n Cheese, or broccoli, or corn. That's Black Hawk, smaller then Hungry Man but excellent tasting.

  5. Haystack
    Haystack says:

    When the most suspect ingredients in your product's laundry list are the modified food starches, you ain't doing too bad in that regard. Calcium chloride helps keep canned vegetables firm, sodium phosphate can do a number of useful things, and sodium citrate dihydrate keeps your queso flowing. I don't mind soft/soggy tortillas in stuff like this, so I think it'd hit just fine. So glad to see you doing WAWE? again! It's always been one of my favorite topics here!

  6. rhonda90402
    rhonda90402 says:

    That meal should be the price of a Banquet meal (and I like some Banquet meals) or something cheaper. I do like that the rice is fluffy looking. El Monterey makes really good cheese-filled burritos. but their meals are not that good to me personally. They make really good taquitos too!

  7. Scott Nieradka
    Scott Nieradka says:

    I get their burritos sometimes for a 1am drunk snack top be on call in the freezer ( they are fine, the bean and cheese and the spicy chimi variants are best, the beef is sketch) they are like a 8 for 3$ at the grocery outlet , which is like 3 small meals. 5 $ for 1 small meal; seems rough by their own standards.

  8. BroTaz
    BroTaz says:

    Great to see another round of "What Are We Eating". While I will probably not ever encounter most of the food due to not being in the USA it is really entertaining. Cheers…..

  9. Tristan Jacobucci
    Tristan Jacobucci says:

    No doubt, their stuff is always good. I think most people know going into this, that the Tortilla was gonna be a weak point. It's unavoidable. At same time though Mexican leftovers have a craveableness too them, I get these vibes here.


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