Dry Aged Prime Rib with Beef Gravy


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for a reverse seared Dry Aged Prime Rib, aged for 40 days in the Steak Locker. The flavor packed beef is served with a beef gravy jus, prepared from the dry aged beef trimmings.

Creekstone Farms Natural Prime Whole Ribeye Roast: https://www.creekstonefarms.com/collections/usda-prime-beef/products/natural-prime-ribeye-special-while-supplies-last

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Trimming the Prime Rib
05:39 Seasoning the Prime Rib
06:44 Cooking the Prime Rib
07:18 Making the Beef Stock
11:01 Searing the Prime Rib
13:17 Making the Gravy
17:24 Slicing the Prime Rib
18:16 Let’s Have a Taste
18:53 Plating the Prime Rib
20:05 Outro

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41 replies
  1. Matthew Symanski
    Matthew Symanski says:

    I've dry aged my own prime rib a number of times. I never thought to save the trimmings for stock or the excess fat for tallow. Genius. This is why I watch atbbq. Everything looks amazing. My mouth is watering watching that gravy pour over the prime rib. Amazing.

  2. LJW55
    LJW55 says:

    Soooo jealous not to be tasting this with you…
    Question: The black rubber gloves that I see you wearing, what are the reasons for that type and where can I get some.
    Thanks from me down in Australia 😃👍

  3. Brian McCormick
    Brian McCormick says:

    This looks amazing. Nicely done.
    What brand/model of smoker/cooker did you use for this? I've always wanted to try out my own dry aging, and this video may have just sent me on a more aggressive path.

  4. Taylor Sease
    Taylor Sease says:

    Could you dry age some beef short ribs? That is by far my favorite bbq/smoked meat. It would be interesting to see how it turns out dry aged. Thanks for the great videos. Going to make a prime rib for Christmas

  5. Blue English staffy breeder
    Blue English staffy breeder says:

    That gravy would be awesome as a base for say a beef cheek casserole/stew, I’d add a can of Guinness or ale to give it that beer/Irish flavour, leftovers would be straight into pie dishes perhaps with a crispy mash potato on top love your channel bro


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