Don’t Order Takeout Food, Make This Instead


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“Broken Reality” Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. Donna Taylor
    Donna Taylor says:

    Yum that looks good! sorry about your chickens and your rooster. Do you have chicken wire across the top of your chicken coop? Sounds like it might have been a hawk I I know they p e c k them in the head until they get unconscious and take off with him. That's sad. Great video see y'all on the next one

  2. Yippee!
    Yippee! says:

    In the UK its foxes we have to worry about with chickens but why do they do such bizarre things? Must have been like a scene from a horror movie! I really love the way you do your videos. Your wonderful attitude is contagious 💚

  3. Infernal Daedra
    Infernal Daedra says:

    Yoo Wolfepit definitely get into stir fry if you want good cheap eats 🙂

    Also wierd I didn't know possums could kill chickens in my area they usually just eat vegetables and fruit 😅

  4. Bloodreign137
    Bloodreign137 says:

    RIP rosco the rooster, i’m sure he fought a valian fight for his checks. We just recently had a crow get demolished by some thing overnight, we aren’t sure what, but we’re glad it didn’t get our little babies. I am so sorry about your loss I hope you get some new little chickies to fill the void.

  5. Dystopian Paradise
    Dystopian Paradise says:

    I chopped a fresh ginger once and was arrested for a hate crime, jk. Rice, oats, farina (wheat), and grits are the go-to grains in my household and are suitable for more than a sweet and buttery breakfast dish. Cauliflower is good, along with many other vegetables it can be subbed for a variety of things so don't be afraid to experiment. Sorry about your chickens, when I was little in West Texas it got so bad we nailed cages to the side of a barn about 4ft up for our hens but it didn't take long before them dang weasels adapted and started chewing their feet off while they slept, smh.

  6. Reyna Cash-Delaney
    Reyna Cash-Delaney says:

    A little tip for the egg never to be overcooked is wait until the end but before you add the egg, turn down the heat. The residual higher heat from frying the rice will help cook the egg to a soft texture. Glad to see more people cook some Asian food! The beef you cooked there is similar to Korean Bulgogi. My Japanese mother would cook “sweet hamburger” like this too except with white sugar.

  7. Summertime
    Summertime says:

    "Wife's not happy, nobodies happy!" It is comments like those that we need less of in todays world. My brother is a therapist and most of the people he talks to are all young white males who are scared of women and minorities, that's what he tells me as a "summary". I see why though, the "propaganda" is EVERYWHERE. I am a long time fan Wolfpit, I love your stuff but I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents out. Keep it going we all love you!


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