Dollar Tree Top 10 Recipes

Dollar Tree Top 10 Recipes

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“Broken Reality” Kevin +MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  1. Judith Fish
    Judith Fish says:

    Mr Wolf pit. Thank you for your videos. They help me a lot. They me stretching my food and making good food at the same time. MY local Dollar Tree. Does not have a frozen food section. I try to make the same recipes. With either canned me or what's on sale. And I mean a really good sale.

  2. Shirley Hendrix
    Shirley Hendrix says:

    Your videos are always the best 💯 I do receive a notification each time you post a new video.I thank you and I will forever appreciate this channel, you ve helped me and my family a lot in your video’s,we’ll have regrets for things we didn’t participate in……..INVESTMENT! Should always be one any creative man’s heart ❤️ for SUCCESS in life

  3. MartinMayhem
    MartinMayhem says:

    1:55 "I didnt really give a quack"
    me: oh good heavens O_O
    also me: remembers 1st white castle video lol 👀if ya know ya know

    thank you Mr Wolfepit for uploading so many amazing videos over the years its been a real pleasure watching&listening <3

  4. Mark Gaudry
    Mark Gaudry says:

    You want to give both stores equal attention? Well, just look for the new Family Dollar Dollar Tree stores. They are showing up in Pennsylvania and hopefully will come to your area soon.

  5. Martha Johnson
    Martha Johnson says:

    I love your channel. I understand what you mean about putting food in your belly, even if you can't afford to cook enough to eat until you're full. Been there, done that. Groceries were much cheaper back then but my family had very little money. Day-old bread, dried beans, white rice, bulk bags of bruised or over-ripe produce and eggs were staples in my house. I appreciate your suggestions very much. Thank you.

  6. Jeffery Bruce
    Jeffery Bruce says:

    Never eat seafood from China. No regulations there whatsoever on farm feeding, processing or handling. Eat at your own risk! While I'll never eat frozen food from dollar tree… thank you for the heads up video reporting the consecences So We Don't Have Too! btw- Wal-Mart's frozen mixed fruit isn't half bad.

  7. Robert Baillargeon
    Robert Baillargeon says:

    Look I am sick of people badmouthing this man. He is shining light on the fact that many people/families can't afford to eat and/or throw away the amount of food that you do. These meals are about survival on a paycheck to paycheck can I keep the heat on and still sit at the table with my family for dinner. And these videos have helped since becoming paralyzed and only getting $205 a month in food stamps $820 a month SSID. So keep your negative comments to yourself.

  8. Angie Mac
    Angie Mac says:

    I made a charity turkey drive dinner last 3 weeks I was so poor at one time. I cooked the turkey and made biscuits out of the flour they gave me. I carved the turkey and made and froze turkey biscuits out of the excess. I ate real good out of the rest for a few days. And I ate the frozen turkey biscuits (warmed up) for the next few weeks. I am grateful for what I have now 😊🙏

    PS when there isn't anything to eat we won't be so picky. stock up 🤔💯


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