Dollar Tree ONE DOLLAR Veggie Burgers – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit

Dollar Tree ONE DOLLAR Veggie Burgers! Are they any good? Watch and see!

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  1. Maurice M.
    Maurice M. says:

    I bought some chef Ernesto veggie burgers. They were so good, I had to look it up on YouTube to make sure I wasn’t actually eating plastic with soy and some artificial flavoring. ?
    They seem to be legit

  2. Lizard Breath
    Lizard Breath says:

    As a vegetarian and someone who eats a LOT of veggie burgers, I can honestly say those look… not great. Especially when you can get the bargain brand equivalent of Beyond Meat at Trader Joe’s for like $3

  3. Lynn Proctor
    Lynn Proctor says:

    I ate one for dinner, and my plate with part of a patty is still sitting here, bound for the garbage. If you don't like hot and spicy stuff, stay away. My mouth is burning. If too much salt is not your thing, think twice. I used PAM in the pan, and that may have destroyed whatever flavor there was, because it tasted like Elmers Glue. But I give India credit for breaking into the dollar menu items at Dollar Tree. Personally, I have never gotten anything from the frozen food section that I would buy again. You can make your own potato patties easily, and the dollar price is not a good deal if you can't eat it. Sometimes you can do better at a regular store. Teeny processed items are not a good deal and they are unhealthy.

  4. Zac Tebaldi
    Zac Tebaldi says:

    Just tried these. I watch your videos while I eat my dt food. Maybe if I didn't microwave them they wouldn't taste like a whole bag of weeners. I'd give it a solid 2 with the microwave method.

  5. sl0re10
    sl0re10 says:

    I bought a pack based on this and really liked them. Mine were a little short on cellulose gum so I had to pick them up from what I microwaved them on with a spatula. Also; they are about half the price of grocery store soy patties.

  6. sl0re10
    sl0re10 says:

    You should try a full on burger with them too. After toasted bun, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, onion, mayo, mustard, and ketchup… you'll be 'surprised' how many veggie burgers pass as good burger. 😉


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