Dollar Tree $1 Beef Rib Eye Steaks – WHAT ARE WE EATING? – Cheesesteak Sandwich


Rib Eye Steaks for a $1? Is it too good to be true?

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36 replies
  1. Rock N Roll Monkey
    Rock N Roll Monkey says:

    I recently started working part time at a Dollar Tree store, stocking the freezers section and jockeying the register. In almost a month, I have yet to see any of these 'steaks' sell.
    I guess the word got out.

  2. danner253
    danner253 says:

    What worries me is, you said they always sell out? Who are these people? Do they even know what real meat tastes like? And also god their health, selling out seems to me this is a common buy for them. That cannot be good for you.

  3. Quiet nessa
    Quiet nessa says:

    I used to work at a dollar tree and felt so bad seeing customers buying the food. I know for some it’s what they could afford but fuck. A lady came in once to buy a ton of frozen burgers saying her son liked to eat them and I felt sick. No one rich or poor deserves to eat so poorly.

  4. Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins says:

    Throughout human history, foods have been invented that last long enough to get people through the winter, drought, famines, etc. Most of these foods still curry favor among a few aficionados. Surstromming and Century Eggs for example. 99% of the population will avoid these so-called delicacies since our civilization has an over abundance of foods. But if foods stocks become depleted, humans will eat those delicacies without complaint. This awful steak you abhor today is a godsend in times of dire need. For those without money, their choices are limited to the foods of scarce times. I would suggest that the government allows foods like these for those in extreme and dire circumstances. People have eaten shoe leather to survive, and this steak would have seemed befit a king to them. Just sayin: don’t be so critical of foods made for food or economic shortages.

  5. ou812 ou812
    ou812 ou812 says:

    What do you mean Larry the government don't care of course they do a poison your toothpaste in your water is in your air what's on the back of the toothpaste it says if you ingest or take too much call the CDC poison control fluoride is poison but your government cares about you they got a bridge to sell you as well


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