Dollar Tree $1.00 Tuna Salad Kit vs. Big Brand Tuna – WHAT ARE WE EATING? – The Wolfe Pit

Dollar Tree $1.00 Tuna Salad Kit vs. Big Brand Tuna! Are Big Brands Better?


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27 replies
  1. shafta99
    shafta99 says:

    never bought made tuna salad. as far as tuna in a can, bumble bee to me is the worst, the last two times i had it years ago it was like sawdust, no flavor and mostly water. could barely get a small sandwich from one can. now i buy only wegman's albacore tuna the eight pack cans. it cost more now but it is worth it. you can get two sandwiches from one can and the quality is great. sure people have other opinions but that's just mine, nice vid. but its not that hard to make tuna, maybe these are for people at work that don't have access to a fridge, starkist seems like the best option there on good friday. lol

  2. Kamiya Chan
    Kamiya Chan says:

    The picture of the cracker and tuna salad on the Bumble Bee and Brunswick boxes are exactly the same! I mean… Perfectly identical! I'm pretty sure they are made by the same company.

  3. Dianne Blake
    Dianne Blake says:

    I think making your own tuna salad kits at home would be best because you can make the tuna salad any way you like and choose what kind of crackers you like. The little bit of savings would just be a bonus.

  4. Jose Medina
    Jose Medina says:

    I don't know if you noticed but on the bumble bee box and the Brunswick box, they both have the same exact looking tuna on it. The way the tuna looks on both boxes are identical

  5. fantasia foxxe
    fantasia foxxe says:

    I love the Star Kist one because you don't need to keep it cold or heat it up. So, in reality in saves me money on days when I forget my lunch, have to work late and I don't need to order out or eat from the vending machine….also if you want to keep doing videos with tuna…
    Starkist Tuna – Variety Pack of 10 Flavors
    Tuna Creations – Herb & Garlic 2.6 Oz, Hickory Smoked 2.6 Oz, Lemon Pepper 2.6 Oz, Ranch 2.6 Oz, Sweet & Spicy 2.6 Oz, Honey BBQ 2.6 Oz, Bacon Ranch Flavored 2.6 Oz
    Tuna Creations BOLD – Jalapeno 2.6 Oz, Hot Buffalo Style 2.6 Oz, Thai Chili Style 2.6 Oz

  6. WintaFresh
    WintaFresh says:

    Those are good. My only complaints are that they don't give you much tuna or crackers and not they aren't very filling. The store bought one will probably be good for a kid.

  7. Barry M.
    Barry M. says:

    First, I really love your video series.

    Just some constructive criticism.
    You changed the order in which the products were in from the ingredients to you trying them.
    I usually watch your videos when I am drunk. It is hard to keep up. Please quit moving them around. I have a hard time keeping up

  8. Jenn Grace
    Jenn Grace says:

    I think you did a better job with this video than your cheap recipies. Very informative. Well done! Comparing your recipe for tuna salad with price, nutrition, and taste would have been interesting. You could have made a very nice version too… like with real Ritz crackers and compared.

  9. Arctic Fox
    Arctic Fox says:

    only proper way to do tuna imo is very light on the whole mayo, stone ground mustard, red chili, sun dried tomato paste, relish, garlic and a bit of onion stuffed into a wheat roll and grilled or broiled just enough to make the bread toasty. Was a rare treat growing up and still a favorite.


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