Dollar Tree $1.00 Pizzas – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


Dollar Tree $1.00 Pizzas! Are they any good?? Watch and see!


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  1. Mr.FancyCat
    Mr.FancyCat says:

    Pizza dough (and a whole pizza) is super easy and you can probably get all but one ingredient from Dollar Tree. You can make and freeze dough for future pizza, bread sticks, etc. DT sometimes has mozzarella cheese, but you can also get or elsewhere for 3-4$/lb. The ones near me usually have pizza, pasta, tomato sauce or alfredo and also Italian seasoning. Also pepperoni and stir fry veg (green and red bell pepper, onion), breakfast sausage, bacon or chorizo if you're into that. Ooh, pepper gravy might be good too with scrambled eggs and/or sausage. If you have the time, you could whip up a batch of dough for different types of pizza and freeze already cooked that just need to be nuked or raw that need to be thawed. If you're kitchen savvy and have time, whipping up and freezing dough has so many possibilities…… From scratch is also CHEAP.. But also a matter of having time, skill, ability, etc…..

  2. Wakky Wabbit
    Wakky Wabbit says:

    I use a preheated cast iron skillet, line it with foil, put the pizza down then add a half-package of mozzarella, a half-package of cheddar, a can of mushrooms and lots of extra pepperoni slices. It turns out better than the pizza joint.

    You don't need a skillet, just turn the foil up at the edges but don't cover the top or the pizza will steam.

    It takes a few times to perfect the pizza to your liking.

    Also, if you buy a bag of pita bread, it makes an excellent pizza crust. Just add toppings.

    Make sure you always vigorously rinse any mushrooms. ALWAYS.

  3. ZombieNationLTD
    ZombieNationLTD says:

    Our bowling alley has these things called pizza nuggets and they’re deep fried small balls of dough tossed in Parmesan and herbs and you dip them in marinara with Parmesan cheese in it. Blows my mind

  4. Jimmie Burleigh
    Jimmie Burleigh says:

    My kids always liked those cheap surfine store brand pizzas that I guess are basically the same.
    Anyway for mine what I would do is sprinkle some garlic salt on the pizza stone we used to flavor bottom of pizza and a tad on top.
    If available a little of that powder cheese for spaghetti and pizza you know the stuff in a green shaker can.
    World of difference even if it was just the garlic salt.
    Lol plus if I had it handy some extra pepperoni and cheese..


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