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Dollar Tree $1.00 Pierogiesi! That’s right, a big bag of potato and cheese pierogies that will will serve 2-3 people for only $1.00. But how do they taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!


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30 replies
  1. Mary Jane
    Mary Jane says:

    I used to love pan fried perogies because that was the only way my mom made them, but then I tried them boiled at a friends house and I cant go back to pan fried. Sorry mom haha.

  2. Art Craft
    Art Craft says:

    We do not use cheddar only curd. Fried onions, potatoes, cottage cheese, spices are stuffing. And in Poland they are called Russian dumplings. Because they were created in the Polish part called the Red Rus.

  3. LOtotheL
    LOtotheL says:

    Hard to mess up perogies they are delicious! But ms. Ts does not compare to Russian or polish real deal , and BTW Russians eat it with sour cream after boiled and pan fried in butter its the best!

  4. Sue Sung
    Sue Sung says:

    Lol, I appreciate your review, but you seriously need to experience fresh, for good pierogi! I enjoy Mrs. It's, but there's a whole delightful world of pierogi that you are missing.

  5. bigkdrman1
    bigkdrman1 says:

    I was introduced to pierogi's in 1984 at the age of 24 when I spent Christmas with my then future wife's family in Saskatchewan Canada. My future mother in law made them and they were great. I've had the frozen kind and some are okay. My wife and I sometimes make homemade but they are never as good as my mother in law made.

  6. Bruce Glover
    Bruce Glover says:

    I was given these to "put in my pocket for later". My grandma worried that I would buy fast-food if she did'nt load me down with healthy snacks. They were made with cabbage, beef, cheese (american) and a bit of dill. Baked they are quite tasty and durable. Hands down, better than any hot pocket, ever.

  7. Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson says:

    You boil them tell they float to the top,then you put them in a crying pan and brown a little,the serve with Apple sauce it's our cream,my great grandmother was polish ,they taste so much better,but she used cotage cheese and salt and peper,and I think a little green onion ,I was a young person,when my great grand mother sent some home a couple of times,they were amazing


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