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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Now with Devour’s NEW All Day Frozen Breakfast Meals, they should get you through breakfast and through the entire day keeping you full and satisfied! In this video we’re trying their Biscuits Bacon and Creamy Sausage Gravy breakfast and the Double Sausage & Bacon Loaded Tater Tots! Lets see if they are any good and will keep us full All Day!


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45 replies
  1. IceTea Deez
    IceTea Deez says:

    sounds like the honeymoon is over lol. they remind me of the former supervisor at work arguing with his fiance (well other than they werent each dropping the F bomb every other word)

  2. Lorence Sing
    Lorence Sing says:

    We tried two Devour frozen dinners, they were absolutely horrible. I've had dishes high in salt, but this was ridiculous, so much salt that it tasted like a salt lick on a plate. I contacted them to complain and let them know how horrible their meals were. They responded by sending me coupons. Nope. Not gonna reach anything from Devour even if it's free.

  3. J R's Place
    J R's Place says:

    Hi Mr and Mrs Wolf Pit. I really appreciate what you are doing. It's too easy to blame corporate America for the bad western diet, but you are right!! If people ate whole food, skipped process sugar, soy, wheat, and corn, and DIDN'T BUY AND EAT CRAP, our diets would be better. It's OUR fault companies are pumping this shit into our fat, sick Nation. Thank you!!!

  4. C L
    C L says:

    Good video however
    There is no such thing as "very unique"
    The word unique is an absolute
    something cannot be very unique it is unique or it isnt
    something could be uncommon or very rare but unique means only one of this does not describe the quality of something it is the quantity
    please stop saying "very unique"
    I the people get very irritated with unique problems!!!


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