Devil's Bourbon, Bacon and Eggs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


Deviled Eggs stuffed with Bacon and Bourbon is the perfect bar food hors d’oeuvres, especially when served with an ice cold beer. Check out this easy to do egg salad recipe, BBQ Pit Boys style. To print this recipe or join the Pit Crew, go to:

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  1. rideswithscissors
    rideswithscissors says:

    The loose-wristed shaky-shaky thumbs up always makes me laugh! Spicy deviled eggs with bacon and booze, got it! With deviled eggs, pickles and beer, wicked farts can not be far behind. No pun intended. Hey, didn't these guys play the trolls in The Hobbit?

  2. alorr4uz
    alorr4uz says:

    Killer hangover breakfast food….if anyone in the house is sober enough to make 'em. I love you guys. My buorbon of choice would be Knob Creek single barrel from Clarmont Kentucky for its sweet taste. They make a kick ass smoked maple small batch that would go great with Pit Boys deviled eggs too.


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