Deep Fried Turkey by the BBQ Pit Boys

Deep Fried Turkey by the BBQ Pit Boys

It’s no big deal to fry up a crispy, moist and tender turkey, with these simple tips offered here by the BBQ Pit Boys. Check this easy recipe out.!
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43 replies
  1. Ry S.
    Ry S. says:

    Aside from the safety stuff (Got that covered) are there any other tips for deep frying?
    Recipe I found said to cook to 151, then let it rest for 30 mins and the carryover will bring it up to proper temp.

  2. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    It's good to hear you again, Bob. it's also good to see jitterbug and his dad back on action. Oh boy, I can see the keyboard and spelling cops will come after y'all. Eh, what the heck, that turkey alone is worth ignoring those cops. 😁😁😁. BPB4L!

  3. Confed Vet
    Confed Vet says:

    Looks really good. Was gonna fry my turkey this year but the
    damn oil is $50 for 3 gal. Last year it was $34 WTF! Therefore,
    I'm smoking mine. Have a Great Turkey Day Ya'll.


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