Deep Dish Pizza Recipe


In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to make a Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza on the Grill Dome ceramic grill. This pizza is deep with loads of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon and Italian sausage. Layers and layers of goodness!

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“Guts and Bourbon” – Kevin MacLeod (
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48 replies
  1. Behind the Bar Reviews
    Behind the Bar Reviews says:

    Wow, this thing looks amazing. Even though I'm a NY boy, I love Chicago style pizza. The wife only likes it once in a while, so I rarely buy them. But, I might have to fire up the charcoal grill and give this a go. I'm almost tempted to do it in my smoker just to see what happens. Awesome job!

  2. Teresa Santos
    Teresa Santos says:

    I worked at a pizza place vas we threw the Italian sausage on raw and it fully cooked in the oven and was delicious. I was sketched out at first but don't worry it all turns out ok I promise lol. Pizza pie looks amazing.

  3. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    I'm all for cooking the sausage first, too, partly so I can drain off all that extra grease, but also so I know it's fully cooked.  That's one outstanding looking pizza, ya old grunt! Ya done good! I would, myself, however, be forced to put one last layer of cheese on top, just for that extra touch of gooey.

  4. MrMegaFredZeppelin
    MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

    Whoa where the hell have I been? My wife and I are Pizzaholics. We have pizza every week for years, sometimes twice a week. Looks Damn GREAT!!!! Right into my CULINARY playlist. Those 7 thumbs down don't know anything about great food. ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  5. kurthalover
    kurthalover says:

    Pizza pie! 😀 Looks very delish! I am not a big fan of adding pepperoni or meat on pizzas. I'm mostly a mushroom fan would that be a good subsititue for a deep dish also? Thank you!

    T-ROY COOKS says:

    Deep dish is my favorite! I like the amount of meat you put in there. Of course, I would have had to add another layer or two of cheese 'cause I'm a cheese hog! LOL Great looking pizza Larry!!!

  7. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, I don't cheat that often on my diet, but when I do, it's with PIZZA. This recipe is even more irresistible than the average pizza recipe. It's filled with delicious sausage, together with other seductive meats and cheeses. Oh, be still my heart! I wish you hadn't made it look so easy!!! Great job my friend!  — John

  8. Willows Garden
    Willows Garden says:

    Awesome job Larry! I lived in Chicago for a long time and this looks perfect, now I have to make some for the kiddies since they seen this video, lol. You rocked it out my friend…take care and God Bless!


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