Crock Pot BBQ Beef with Homemade BBQ Sauce


The Wolfe Pit makes a quick, simple and delicious Pulled BBQ Beef and Homemade BBQ Sauce all in the Crock Pot slow cooker.

Super Bowl, Recipe

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  1. jeffxl12
    jeffxl12 says:

    Man,,,,, that looks great. I just threw in some country pork ribs saturday in the crock pot. Threw in some baby rays and hot sauce and crushed red pepper. Was fatty but good. Next time, I will use a butt and the same stuff. YeahI i am lazy. I only make bbq sauce when I break out the electric smoker. lol

  2. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    Yum! You're really putting some mileage on that Crock Pot, Larry! I do love the way that beef comes out, and I'm with you on liking sauces and gravies thick. I want them to stand up on what I put them on, not dribble through and run all over the plate. Or all over me…  LOL

  3. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Aw . . .Larry! . . .  that looks incredible!  You sure have the knack for making great food, my friend  🙂   Good for you!   All best and thumbs up as always, Jersey Joe

    (one of these days I gotta get down there and visit you!  🙂  )

  4. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, man, I love crock pot recipes because of their simplicity, and this one is about the easiest I've seen! If I hadn't seen you make the beef and bbq sauce, I would have thought it too difficult! Great job, my friend! — John

  5. ebonygentleman79
    ebonygentleman79 says:

    I may have to try using beef again for my crock BBQ. I've used bonless chicken & pork shoulder and was satisfied. The last time I used beef it was kinda dry. Yours looks fantastic! Put that slaw and add a pickle slice on that bad boy and put me to sleep!
    Diets are dead for 2014! Eat goooooooood and live!!!


  6. Thaneii
    Thaneii says:

    What, are you trying to be more like JB, when you're getting that meat out of the pot?  Use tongs, Boy!  Ha ha ha.  Great job, Larry.  The more of these I see, the more I want to get a slow cooker for myself.   


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