Crispy Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe – Crunchy Dry Wings on the BBQ


Crispy Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe – Crunchy Dry Wings on the BBQ ** SEE OUR BBQ ACCESSORY GUIDE:

In this Crispy and Delicious Chicken Wings Recipe, I’ll show you how to cook the most crunchy Chicken wings on the Weber Kettle Grill so good you will think they came out of the frier!. This Easy Chicken Wings recipe is done using flour and baking powder and we added salt, pepper and garlic to get the flavours we wanted. This is perfect for a quick snack, football game or as a party appetizer with friends! ! IT’S AMAZING!

ITEMS USED – (Recipe Below)

Weber Kettle (classic) (USA) (CDN)

Slow N Sear Plus (for 22’’ Kettle Grills)





Napoleon Professional 5 Piece tool set (USA) (CDN)

Hanzo 9.5 Chef Knife


– 2 lbs of wings
– 2 tbs flour
– 2 tbs baking powder
– 1-2 tbs cooking oil
– 2 tsp salt
– 3 tsp pepper
– 1.5-2 tsp garlic powder


Step #1
To Start off, add into a zip bag your flour and baking powder. Next add in your dry rub in our case the salt, pepper and garlic. Give the bag a good mix and then add in the Chicken wings. With the chicken wings in the bag give it a toss to get the mixture starting to stick to the wings. You will notice that a lot of the mixture doesn’t stick right away and if you pull them out now they will be bland. By adding 1-2 tbs of oil after the first shack this will help the remaining mixture stick to the outside of the wings and hold all the flavour.

Step #2
With the Wings prepped get your grill set up for cooking at 400F using indirect cooking. We did this by adding a full chimney of fully lit briquettes into the Slow N Sear as well as added some hardwood for a kiss of smoke.

Step #3
When your grill is up to tempreture, place your wings onto the grill indirect and begin cooking the wings for around 1 hour flipping every 20 minutes. Cook until the wings are crispy and golden brown.

Step #4
Once the wings are fully cooked (beyond 175F) and crispy, golden and delicious looking, remove them from the grill and serve hot with your favourite dips on the side.

That’s it, enjoy.

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**** Video Gear Used ****
Canon 6D

Canon 80D (USA) (CDN)

Rode Video Mic Pro (USA) (CDN)

Canon S120 (USA) (Canada)

Gorillapod (USA) (Canada)

Neewer LED Lights (USA)

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About this video:
In this Crispy Chicken Wings Recipe Video Jabin from Postal Barbecue will show you how to make Grilled Chicken Wings on the weber kettle BBQ. Chicken Wings on the grill is easy to make and offers a lot of flavour when done this way. There are many perfect chicken wings recipes but knowing how to make smoked dry wings will impress your friends and family for sure. Enjoy

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43 replies
  1. Phil N Florence
    Phil N Florence says:

    Man those look good. So easy to do but so delicious. I will put that recipe on my to do cook list. Thanks Jabin

  2. Linda W
    Linda W says:

    Can these be premarinaded a day before actually cooking?

  3. W Stepnout
    W Stepnout says:

    I can't believe 4 people disliked this video? Those wings look amazing. I will be making these later in the week. I just subscribed.

  4. Daryl Shaub
    Daryl Shaub says:

    I'm really impressed with this. Very easy to follow & delicious. Also made on my kettle. Keep up the good work!

  5. Seth Matthews
    Seth Matthews says:

    Thanks Postal Barbeque! I made these wings last night and they were awesome! Super easy, super delicious.
    The only thing I did differently was I used briquets and lump together and started my coals with my Electricoal Charcoal Starter. Appreciate your professional videos! Keep em coming!

  6. Yvon Beaubrun
    Yvon Beaubrun says:

    wow what a terrific job with your video production! The chicken looked mouth watering.

  7. Lori Wilson
    Lori Wilson says:

    Kosher salt? Sorry if I didn't see in previous comments. This is the best and easiest recipe I have seen for grilled wings. Will be trying this weekend and let you know. Awesome, informative, and quick video!!!

  8. Lee Choctaw
    Lee Choctaw says:

    I plan on selling bbq dinners soon and i was wondering how wings would come out. Never imagined you could make breaded wings on the grill. Thats dope!

  9. Nathaniel Shaw
    Nathaniel Shaw says:

    The sound of the crunch gives these their due. Very nice work! I will try this recipe soon.

  10. Boslager's Cooking & BBQ
    Boslager's Cooking & BBQ says:

    Man these look awesome! Haven’t seen tossing in the oil, just spraying with cooking spray. Definitely will try these for sure!

  11. Dave Harris
    Dave Harris says:

    What's the best vent position to maintain the 400 deg.- 1/2 way top & bottom? And assume dome vent opposite the fire to draw smoke?

  12. Josh Furgye
    Josh Furgye says:

    I’ve been waiting for this video! I just bought a slow n sear, so now I know what I’m cooking first with it! Great video as always, and the wings looked amazing.

  13. Trent Wade
    Trent Wade says:

    Can you go back to the let's get cooking? Had a better ring to it in my opinion

  14. Clint Wurm
    Clint Wurm says:

    wow they look great! perfect for my hot sauces. I will send you some picks!

  15. mtdina
    mtdina says:

    Perfect timing, I needed a kettle wing recipe that wasn't spicy. Keep up the good work.

  16. oxbaker6
    oxbaker6 says:

    Those will be my next wing cook for sure, they look awesome!

  17. Kelton Graham
    Kelton Graham says:

    Question, can you do the same thing to thighs and legs? Will those come out crispy too?

  18. Joe Perez
    Joe Perez says:

    Hey Jabin great cook, those look amazing. Did you dry brine these?

  19. Tony Burgos
    Tony Burgos says:

    Daaaang! Awesome and simple. What more can you ask for? Thanks for another rad video, dude.

  20. Postal Barbecue
    Postal Barbecue says:

    Seriously these were the crispiest wings I have ever made on the grill! QUESTION: Do you prefer crispy or saucy wings?


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