Competition Brisket Recipe


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Chef Tom breaks down our recipe for Competition Brisket. This technique has been honed over time as we have cooked with barbecue geniuses like Andy Groneman of Smoke on Wheels Competition BBQ and “BBQ Brian” Misko of the House of Q.

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32 replies
  1. Igor Podgorny
    Igor Podgorny says:

    Separating a brisket worth trying out. Too much sauce, injections, rub IMHO. Don't want sound as critic or anything like that, but if you want to taste all that sauce, just eat the sauce 🙂

  2. Paul Erwin
    Paul Erwin says:

    I never tried injections but only did a small Tri Tip Sirloin Cap and I marinaded for 12 hrs and smoked for 5 hrs ,at 225 , it was really good !! I seen no one marinates and everyone trims too much Fat off . That's Flavor, cut off later or while eating or am I worn about not trimming and marinating???

  3. Douglas Obsharsky
    Douglas Obsharsky says:

    Dude… maybe try to work up your own rubs and sauces from scratch, it’s not that hard and you can feel better about your cooking rather than just combining other peoples products to achieve “your flavor” best of luck bro

  4. Brent Baker
    Brent Baker says:

    Awesome vid…surprised that you and Harry Soo both use store bought beef stock thou..making your own beef stock isn't difficult and it tastes so much better…regards….Brent

  5. Rares Popa
    Rares Popa says:

    Is there a difference in using aluminium foil rather than butchers paper? I think alu foil is more handy, but some say that it is not good for health because of the contact from the meat to the aluminium. What do you think ?


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