Coca-Cola Chicken recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

A real easy to do chicken recipe that’s guaranteed not to leave you with leftovers. Better yet, you might want to double up this Coca Chicken batch so when the Pit guests leave, you’ll have some good eatin’ left for the Pitmaster. We call that Pitmasters Privilege.-
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  1. mexicalibc
    mexicalibc says:

    That's Mexican coca cola, its made with pure cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. Nice greeting's from mexico master griller. I will gladly invite u guys to Mexicali and I'll make u some carne asada.

  2. M Mram
    M Mram says:

    Let me start by getting this right by addressing you by the title you deserve, the grandmaster, king ?, Don and the doyen if I've forgotten one please forgive me. I was born with a chicken drumstick ? in my hand, so obviously my relationship with chicken is a special endless love ? affair. I've cooked chicken in every way possible. Surprisingly I've never had Coca-Cola chicken so last night I tried it, sticking to about 85% of your recipe, I roasted the chicken because I don't have a BBQ cooker, cooking the sauce on the gas cooker top, I know it's not exactly the same BUT it was delicious I still followed your instructions for the sauce ? ? ? ? ?. I even let my husband WAIT as I done the Pit Master privilege taste test, as you would say “oh man that taste good” it was AMAZING the chicken was gone in a flash leaving some sauce IT WAS SO DELICIOUS ?. Today for dinner I used the left over sauce adding more chicken ( dare I say it, a few VEGETABLES and dumplings ) I'm a frugal woman so I turned the left over sauce into soup, thank you for my second inspirational meal ? ? ?, YOUR ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT???????

  3. Jose Saenz
    Jose Saenz says:

    I just tried this recipe yesterday for some guests i had, and i had to make some more today my family and guests loved it and of course me too, when i was preparing it and after putting some vinegar on the sauce the aroma worried me a little bit, it was too strong but when i put the chicken on it it smelled good! i loved this recipe and its the first BBQ Pit Boys recipe i try so far, but be sure there are more to come, thank you for the hard work i really love to grill and with your help im taking my game to a whole new level i salute you from Mexico Gracias!

  4. J Double C
    J Double C says:

    I have to say you guys are amazing you prove to all of us that you have to be some fancy shmancy world class chef to cook damn good food I mean I gotten a hell of a lot of ideas from you thank you so much for good inspirations


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