Club Ticket Carp | CARP FISHING EDGES | Season 3 – Episode 1

Club Ticket Carp | CARP FISHING EDGES | Season 3 – Episode 1

In the first episode of our latest CARP FISHING EDGES Season, Harry and Mark wanted to visit venues that are accessible to any budget. With the cost of living at an all time high, the price of day tickets and syndicates on the rise, adding that to the cost of bait and tackle, every angler is feeling the squeeze. Can they find venues that offer great Carp Fishing at an affordable price? Tune in to find out!

In this video:
0:00 – Intro
1:01 – The first venue and the swim
4:03 – The biggest fish in the lake
8:38 – Mark’s Floater setup
12:39 – The second venue
14:46 – Harrys Approach to Venue 2
17:23 – Mark’s Second Carp
18:46 – Harry hooks one
22:10 – The Ronnie Rig
25:15 – Mark’s third Carp
31:30 – The Park Lake
35:38 – Harry’s First Carp
37:43 – Mark’s Park Lake Carp
41:38 – The BBQ
43:51 – Harry’s Revenge
46:47 – Evening round up
53:17 – Harry gets one!
57:47 – I’ve got another one

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27 replies
  1. Barry Peck
    Barry Peck says:

    More of this kind of thing please . Realistic , affordable and not France . It covers so much of your customer base that it is a fantastic way to market your products.. ‘fantastic Mr Fox’ .

  2. Vincent Bunk
    Vincent Bunk says:

    €34,50 for the basic licence. + €25,.- for 3rd rod, and night fishing licence. I can fish 98% of all water in The Netherlands, which as you may know, is alot! May consider a fishing holiday to the Netherlands! This film makes me really appreciate the fishing we have over here. Great film again! Regards from the Netherlands!

  3. David Hall
    David Hall says:

    Really did enjoy this video as shows you can catch some cracking fish in club waters. Problem I have is most club waters around me has a waiting list which can be annoying. Already paying between 500-600 a year on day ticket waters.

  4. Andy Lloyd
    Andy Lloyd says:

    Mark has finally turned over to the dark side…..the Ronnie, ever since the last challenge he loves them now when hated them before. Still rather soild bags but each to their own lol

  5. Shaved Monkey
    Shaved Monkey says:

    Mark knocked that fish off with the net on purpose…poor Harry…Harry had revenge when he put magic mushrooms in Marks tea….bizzare events surely unfolded that evening when Mark thought he was a perch and Harry fed him worms ..saying to him in a soft tranquill whisper…"you are such a beautiful perch Mark".

  6. John Davis
    John Davis says:

    Loved the video and your comments regarding the volunteers that run club waters. @HDAA the guys down there host both female and junior sessions on the club waters to promote the sport.


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