Cleaning Camp Chef Pellet Grills (2018)

Cleaning Camp Chef Pellet Grills (2018)

How to properly clean your Camp Chef pellet grill including the Camp Chef Woodwind, Camp Chef Smoke Pro and other models. Cleaning other models like the Traeger grills is similar, but they don’t have the ash dump.

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Other things you’ll need for your grill cleaning are here:
Rubber gloves:
Shop vac:
Paper towels:

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33 replies
  1. Joey Fletcher
    Joey Fletcher says:

    Thanks for the tips Scott! I just ordered the Grill Grates for my Sear Box and love them. I am going gung ho on the Grill Grates wagon and have a question for you. For the Smoker, would you recommend doing a full Grill Grates install or do you prefer the partial coverage method that you show in this video?

  2. JdK 52
    JdK 52 says:

    I have a Camp Chef grill that I haven't cleaned yet and this video was exactly what I needed. You didn't cover cleaning products that could be helpful but this covers the physical cleaning necessary. Thanks bud.

  3. K Kay
    K Kay says:

    My camp chef pellet stove has been covered for the last few months. I just uncovered it and noticed that the SS Hood is showing rust spots on the top as well as my sear box which also has a SS top. How do I clean that or get rid of the rust spots without damaging the stainless steel or scratching it. Thanks

  4. marybeth browder
    marybeth browder says:

    My husband has his 2nd broken pellet stove. If he does not empty all pellets from the box after each use, the humidity in FL makes them wet. Very frustrating. Actually, he says they crumble and can become a cement. He is switching pellets, but the newest pellets he tried were worse. He uses his grill every weekend. This is not after non-use.

  5. Kenneth D. Bryant
    Kenneth D. Bryant says:

    Thank you for your info and reply… suddenly my temp has been swinging wildly… like + or – 50 to 60 degrees and won't heat higher than about 250 degrees max. I've had the Camp Chef about 1 1/2 yrs and it was Great the first year… then about the end of the year (with regular cleanings about ever 5 to 10 cookings)… Augur Quit! I replaced the augur but that didn't fix it. customer support was very good and gave me the help I needed and I upgraded the Controller to the Dual Thermometer Controller… it worked great for about 4 cookings and then started this problem with temp.

    it will heat up to about 300 degrees hold that about 10 minutes then go down in temp to about 160 degrees… then up to about 250 degrees and back down to 120 and up 200 down to 120 up to 220 and so forth… I just received a new inside thermometer but have not installed it you… I've cleaned (like you showed, each time I've tried a new) I've cleaned the inside thermometer but the customer service suggested I clean the Chimney but not sure how to go about it…. the way it is made… sorry for the lengthy comment but I'm getting desperate… Grill Not Usable and now spent almost as much and new grill… kdb

  6. Louis Zundel
    Louis Zundel says:

    Great video, but I have a couple of additional items for you to mention. I have been cooking with my DLX Pro model for just over 3 years without any problems. Lately I keep getting a "flame" out and it made my smoker worthless. I followed all the instructions in the manual that came with it and it only casually mentioned cleaning the grate that exits into the chimney. Make sure to clean that grate off regularly or the smoke won't be able to escape the grill and it will smother the flame. ALSO, a quick call to Camp Chef and a young lady told me to not only clean off the chimney grate, but to clean the temperature control arm also located inside the cooking grill area. It is located on the left side and it is about 10 inches long. Mine was so cruddy I had to scrape the gunk off it. Once down to the original silver color, the grill is working like new again!

  7. The One Man Band, Marc Dobson
    The One Man Band, Marc Dobson says:

    Not clean enough. I just came across this video after having a grease fire in mine. The parts of the grill in between the drip tray and grease bucket need cleaning too! The channel which right side of drip tray rests in and tube that goes from this channel to grease bucket must be cleaned. Mine backed up with grease, caught on fire really good and now I have to also clean fire extinguisher chemicals out of my heavenly Camp Chef pellet grill.

  8. Zipdaddy
    Zipdaddy says:

    Hey Scott, thanks for the videos. Couple questions for you. Do you think the new Camp Chef SG is worth the extra $$$ over a SmokePro with Sear Box? How do you like the Slide and Grill feature? Does it work? Does the new drip pan with louvered slits get dirtier? Can you cover it with foil? If you have Slide and Grill, Sear Box, and GrillGrates is all that overkill? Looking to get into pellet grilling and value your advice. Thanks!


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