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Cincinnati Chili Throw-down! Skyline or Gold Star Chili? Which one is the best of the best? Watch and see!

Martel DiVigneaud
John Dreffs
Brian Meagher
Carole Adams
Robert Paul Tranter
Brian Euvino
Glenn Newman

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  1. Louie De Palma
    Louie De Palma says:

    This episode led to many watched videos and read articles about this foodomenon. Now I'm a pro except I haven't actually tried it hahaha. It looks amazing but have never seen it in Canada and am very basic in the kitchen.

  2. redox James
    redox James says:

    So many rules for eating Cincinnati Chili. I'm a twirler and will remain so. Psst…I use Parmesan cheese. Their cheese is very fineIy shredded, it looks like a lot more that it is. I'll bet you used twice as much cheddar (by weight) as they do. That's why it didn't taste right to you. I use saltines because I never have oyster crackers in the house. Btw, if you're looking for Cincinnati Chili recipes and it starts off with browning the ground beef, keep looking. They don't know what they're talking about. All the spices go into the pot along with the ground beef and water. Then everything gets heated until the consistency is right. That's how you get the fine-grained meat texture. Skyline opened a store in my town many years ago and only lasted a year or so. Ours is much better. Even my recipe is much better.

  3. Joel Wilcox
    Joel Wilcox says:

    If anyone told me how to eat my pasta, I’d tell them to go to hell. I twirl my spaghetti, screw off.

    I’m also the kind of person who would go to New Haven and order a “pizza”.

    HYPERBLADE9 says:

    hey wolfepit, cincinnatian here, you just use the fork and cut square bites as you eat it, no knife involved. the cans are no match for dining in. the taste of the cheese they use is very good. i take my four way and add the oyster crackers and hot sauce to the top of the cheese. makes for a great meal, about once a week for me. when your in cincy, stop in and give it a real try. like your videos, thanks.

  5. Trumps Bloody Asshole
    Trumps Bloody Asshole says:

    I had gold star in ohio years back being from MN it was a RARE walmart carries skyline up here so ive been starting to favor skyline although in my honest opinion they taste the same gold star is just a little thicker

  6. robert kiefer
    robert kiefer says:

    I read a vast number of the comments here and was surprised none I saw point out your mistake and your misconception over the cheese and the point of the crackers. The reason for the cheese and why they don’t offer a 2 way is the cheese holds it all together. Hence why you were having problems with the fork. When you are served you eat a couple bites from one end of the plate. Then in the space you made on the plate you put a bunch of the crackers, crunch them a bit and let them absorb the chili juice. By then the cheese has melted together and formed a “lid” over the chili that keeps it all together. You then use your fork cut a fork sized bite. Your cheese hadn’t melted to form the “lid” so everything was falling apart. The more of the chili you eat the more room for crackers to soak up juice and you alternate bites of crackers with bites of Chili. Part of the reason they don’t strain the spaghetti much, the extra water from the noodles mixes with the runny chili to make the juice for the crackers.

  7. Delta Conway
    Delta Conway says:

    It's super important that you use mild cheddar. Anything more tangy will be overwhelming. The biggest difference is the fluffiness of the cheese, though. While it looks like it's mounded high, when it melts, it's a pretty thin layer. It's just fluffed to high hell and graded in really long, thin strands.

  8. Keith Sizemore
    Keith Sizemore says:

    Skyline all the way! Adding the hot sauce must be a relatively new thing because I don't ever remember me or anyone else for that matter put hot sauce on it! Seems to me that would mask and ruin the flavor of the chili! Plus after having it fresh it just sucks eating it from a can or frozen lol.


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