Chow Mein Sandwich!! – How to Make Chicken Chow Mein SANDWICH – Fall River Chow Mein Sandwich

Chow Mein Sandwich is an regional and popular sandwich in the New England region, specifically the Fall River, Massachusetts area. Fried chow mein noodles, on top of a hamburger bun, then smother is a very regional style gravy with meat and vegetables, then topped off with the other half of the hamburger bun.

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31 replies
  1. Byte Me
    Byte Me says:

    Okay, thank you, this was very educational!
    Note to self: don't ever bother going to the Northeast, they are insane.
    Oh come on, I'm not buying this LOL! Nobody ever heard of Fall River and all of a sudden half the people in the comments are from Fall River! ? you're not President Kennedy, this is not Germany and you are not a Berliner today!!! Calm down, people. ?????????

  2. sphincter
    sphincter says:

    The eagle restaurant in the early/mid 60’s, a chow mein sandwich and a coke $.35 lightly sprinkle white vinegar, a staple condiment at all diners in southeastern Massachusetts along with malt vinegar for fish & chips. You need to use the specific noodles and gravy pack manufactured in Fall River. Also gravy is poured on top of the bun too. It might seem a soggy mess but it was comfort food the locals grew up with and delicious

  3. Isabel Cutler
    Isabel Cutler says:

    Loved it even with the changes I had to make. As I remember the chow mein sandwiches I had at Nathan's about 65 or more years ago had no fried noodles like the ones you show. They put skinny crispy noodles like the LaChoy noodles that come in a can, on top. I had no bean sprouts, so I added some sliced mushrooms instead. For the broth I used Knorr powdered chicken flavor broth mix which I found in an Asian market. I had some precooked chicken that I added. The secret of this recipe is the molasses. My concoction tasted very much like what I remember from my childhood at Nathan's. This was terrific. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Steve Logan
    Steve Logan says:

    Nice recipe Larry, same with me on dexterity, my right hand was severed years ago, but reattached, but dexterity is a major problem for me, also, i saw in one video that someone said you were in a wheelchair ? I have had 19 scope surgeries on my lower back, but i am not confined to the wheelchair, but i have a problem standing in one position at the stove for more than 10 minutes, any suggestions? I sit when i do prep work for meals if i can. I never heard of chow mein sandwich, and i don't want to upset folks, but the amount of chicken you used, i would think the meat off of a good red fox squirrel would be perfect.

  5. Nate Ventrella
    Nate Ventrella says:

    You totally got this way wrong, sorry. The local noodles are fried crispy noodles. And the gravy is traditionally made w a powdered mix and water in the restaurants. Tho it's much better made at home with beef stock and onions, simple as pie.

  6. becky nadeau
    becky nadeau says:

    i was born in fall river and chow mein sammiches were a staple in my house growing up. strained chow mein, all the way for me <3 thanks so much for showcasing this! you should look into fall river shrimp and lobster sauce, too 🙂 it's even on the menu in this video….that's my favorite. also brown gravy based…yum!

  7. Pal Ashford
    Pal Ashford says:

    Chow Mein Sandwiches are extremely well known outside of southeastern Massachusetts and beyond Rhode Island. I grew up on them in NYC and they were very popular. Not sure if they still are as I don't live there anymore. Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs & Restaurant use to sell them as other vendors did as well in Brooklyn.

  8. Chuck Hiccox
    Chuck Hiccox says:

    I've been eating Chow Mein sandwiches from Young China in East Providence , Rhode Island as far back as I can remember. Awesome ! You should research Dynamites (French /Canadian) which is a sandwich from the northern part of Rhode Island . Great on a cold day btw.

  9. YaBoiHypnosis
    YaBoiHypnosis says:

    What you want to look for is hoo mee chow mein noodles. I'm from the fall river area and using the correct noodles is very important. chow mein is not quite right without those noodles. really love the content keep it up.

  10. john doe
    john doe says:

    former Fall River resident dude this is soooo wrong! Make life easy folks. Contact the Oriental Chow Mein Company. They sell the box kits, gravy mix, real fried noodles. Just follow the directions. Jezzze!
    There's also:
    Sam's Bakery
    Dirty Nicks
    Marzilli' s
    Then there's:
    Kale soup
    Bells seasoning
    I think I need to make the trek back for some food and supplies…in the late spring.

  11. Spines Brine
    Spines Brine says:

    My ex girlfriend was from Maine and they would make pork schnitzel, lobster rolls with butter, and this unusual chicken recipe with a maple glaze and crispy coating. Everything was really good but my favorite was a really good seafood chowder!


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