Chopped Flank Steak Street Tacos at the 2017 American Royal


Chef Tom was up at the Kansas Speedway with Yoder Smokers cooking the 810 Sports Party at the 2017 American Royal (the world’s largest barbecue competition) and cooks up some Chopped Flank Steak Street Tacos on the Yoder Smokers 24×48 Flattop Charcoal Grill.

Full recipe:

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  1. FDSeoul
    FDSeoul says:

    the meat is not correctly chopping bc it still fucking raw or in this case rare. Pico de gallo is cool but not putting traditional salsa like chile de arbol. Okay whatever.

  2. mike poblete
    mike poblete says:

    Love watching your videos. Sorry but I have a few criticisms. If you're gonna call them street tacos please leave out the slaw and mid rare flank steak. when it comes to eating steak I can't believe when people order well done on a beautiful piece of meat but when it comes to tacos they just have to well done. again I really love your videos but this one totally missed the mark.

  3. maidennc3
    maidennc3 says:

    Chef Tom. Dude. Did this exactly except used skirt steak. Off. The. Hook. Thanks a ton for sharing your knowledge. You make me look cooler than I really am. Have a great week.


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