Chili Verde Recipe

Chef Tom cooks up a delicious pot of chili verde. Shop @ ATBBQ:

Full recipe:

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33 replies
  1. Damon Harvey
    Damon Harvey says:

    Los Dudes!….the best video I have seen in a long time on yt. Well filmed, excellent shots and superb editing…makes for a great short "to the point" video…I watched 4 others on chili verde yours was the best …hands down!. And exactly the recipe I was looking for. PEfect…..Where the hell are you? Under the L line in January?

  2. Dan Hamilton
    Dan Hamilton says:

    I enjoy your channel! A lot of great recipes and tips for the pellet grill.
    P.S…Where the heck do you live? Every other youtube you post your in heavy winter clothing and it looks like your breath freezes as it come out of your mouth LOL.

  3. userbosco
    userbosco says:

    Okay, maybe I'm ig'nant, but the second you add potatoes to chili, it ceases to be chili and then becomes a stew. We have a rule in our annual chili cookoffs, if you want to enter a "chili" with vegetables (other than beans, which are legumes, not vegetables) or tubers, it's got to be fully vegetarian or vegan to compete in that category. Believe me, this is an awesome recipe, and I'll try it, but I just would have a hard time telling someone it's chili w/taters in it…

  4. HigginsArms
    HigginsArms says:

    Trying this with boneless beef ribs (i.e. not really ribs at all) today instead of pork. smells awesome so far…pairing with jalapeño cornbread…..and of course Negra Modelo!

  5. Joshua Larsen
    Joshua Larsen says:

    Gentlemen! you need to know this recipe may the day for my mother. She turned 50 yesterday and was born and raised in New Mexico. I made this for her with a few Hatch chilies added in and it took her back home. This one was a little different from y'alls repertoire but thank you for doing it! This one hit home and it was epic!


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