Chili Jar Eggs


Need something to munch on with those ice cold beers..? Try these easy to make marinated eggs. The Chickens luv ‘em, we luv ’em, and so do the critters. You need to check this recipe out..! -…Please Subscribe, Fav and Share us. Thanks..! #BBQPITBOYS #BBQ #RECIPES
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24 replies
  1. Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas says:

    An uncle of mine used to tell me stories about pickled eggs. He said old farmers would go to the bar for stag beer and eat pickled eggs. Smoking, drinking, and burping up pickled eggs. Listening to this song "it's 20 below I don't give fuck gotta heater in my truck and I'm off to the rodeo"

  2. Jessica Beek
    Jessica Beek says:

    Where we live eggs are wicked wicked cheap right now. And I make every single egg dish known to man. I've never seen anything like this you guys are Beyond brill (brill = wicked shmaaaat where I am from)

  3. Webchez
    Webchez says:

    These remind me of 100 or 1000 year old eggs, which is a Chinese delicacy.  I imagine that this dish may have started in the prairie days to preserve their eggs, like pickling them in vinegar… I wonder how salty they are with so much soy sauce??

  4. TheBeachmailman
    TheBeachmailman says:

    O my goodness. I made 36 of these and they made me drink Beer. Please do not misunderstand this….. The beer was in a cooler on Ice placed there by myself just in case of emergency  . But they really came in handy… Thank's Uncle T.


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