Chicken Spiedini

Winner, winner chicken dinner just got extra delicious! Chicken Spiedini is a breaded chicken dish cooked on the grill that will fill your bellies and your hearts.

Full recipe:


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  1. PhatTrumpet2
    PhatTrumpet2 says:

    If you cut open that Ziploc and place the chicken inside while pounding it out — so there's plastic on both sides — you won't get nearly as much tearing. The main reason it shredded on the bottom is because of the friction with the cutting board. (Bonus points if you spritz the plastic with water first. Shout out to my boy Alton Brown.)

  2. jordan shaw
    jordan shaw says:

    I had this at Garozzo's in downtown KC for a reception dinner it was amazing. When I pound my chicken I usually put some oil in the bag to prevent it from tearing. Should I not do that?

  3. klefdnb
    klefdnb says:

    The bottom side was ripped because of the wood table/cutting board. Its cleaner to put the whole breast inside the bag. I learned that during crunch time and the chicken breast was thrown back at me.

  4. Greavous Skoger
    Greavous Skoger says:

    I picked up an extra Dead Blow Hammer from Harbor Freight Tools and keep it in the kitchen drawer for all my meat pounding needs. Im surprised that the culinary industry hasnt figured out how much more gooder it works. Just thought Id share that tool tip. And, w00t! for the Friday double header! Thanks for entertaining me.

  5. Nick Cutler
    Nick Cutler says:

    As an upstate New Yorker I read the title of this video and I was immediately intrigued. Funny enough I don't hate chicken speedies in anyway I just know there are other chicken dishes that are better like the one in this video for instance.


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