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Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings…..MADE FROM SCRATCH IN A CAN?!?! Are they any good? Watch and see!

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Sweet Sue Chicken and Dumplings –

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  1. Stacy Drake AKA BIPOLAR MOM
    Stacy Drake AKA BIPOLAR MOM says:

    OMG I have been craving actually turkey and dumplings since my mom DIED on October 22nd 2019. She would always make them for me so this morning I went to Tom Thumb and bought two cans LOL ? I GUESS I BETTER SEASON THEM THE BEST I CAN ?

  2. CPB1
    CPB1 says:

    To be fair Sweet Sue was decent years ago. Of course this was when the used real pieces of chicken.
    I tried it again the other day…..and it was terrible…..processed chicken….too salty….Larry hit it one the head.

  3. John Pick
    John Pick says:

    I like your videos…your soumdtrack is great and not overpowering …but after listening in the dark i realized that the rhythm I hear is most likely the sound of your tastebuds eagerly anticipating the culinary delights that await your taste buds when you tear into the alleged food products "for us the people" ?
    Thank you Messer Rarry !!!!

  4. al go
    al go says:

    I work across the street from Dollar General. Almost everyday I go over and get my $1 lunch. Chicken noodle soup, chef boyardi or beanie weinies. I always eat it straight out the can, whatever it is. Now n then I'd splurge on a $2 can of sweet sue. Until I realized how weird I felt about an hour or 2 later. Like I was on the verge of a stroke or something bad like that. And it gives me ammonia flavored burps. Now I just stick w spaghetti n meat balls mostly..


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