Cheese and Bacon Meatball Subs by the BBQ Pit Boys


Wolfman, from our Wolf and Rooster Chapter in New Zealand, puts together a classic grilled meatball sandwich at the Wolf and Rooster Pit. And its real easy to do as seen here. For the full ingredients list head on over to our Website Start your BBQ Pit Boys Chapter

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43 replies
  1. Bob Loblaw
    Bob Loblaw says:

    "Wolfman, from our Wolf and Rooster Chapter in New Zealand" just hit a 500' homer! WOW- THAT was pretty cool & thanks!

  2. Wid71
    Wid71 says:

    After watching this I can not understand why I haven't seen or thought of grilling meatballs…. a must try! Thanks!

  3. jessica buerkel
    jessica buerkel says:

    I got my hubby & bro hooked on you guys they are both bbq grillers so all of your videos are perfect for them!!

  4. vaporizer1000
    vaporizer1000 says:

    I like grill meat with cherry like marinade Also better made deep holes in meat. I can`t look all your videos but maybe will be interesting for you in some day.

  5. Darkbase
    Darkbase says:

    I think I'd toast the rolls on the inside before putting the sauce in, so they don't get all soggy

  6. Darryl Cudahy
    Darryl Cudahy says:

    I have a love hate relationship with this channel. I need to stop watching while I’m hungry?

  7. ZePp
    ZePp says:

    I salute you from Argentina land of Asado al Asador.

  8. Marco Huevo
    Marco Huevo says:

    What were those guys saying in that song at the end? Sounded like they were shouting, "SHRIMP RUB". ?

  9. cmac2119
    cmac2119 says:

    95 dislikes??? Get out of here damn vegans! Surprised you had the strength to even watch this video

  10. Илья Костерин
    Илья Костерин says:

    This is how BBQPitBoys shaping the world! Before them it was just regular boring New Zealand, But when they apeared – it becomes New AmaZealand!!!

  11. 5argeTech /
    5argeTech / says:

    No copyright strikes here…. BBQPB make their own Guuuud tunes… Lovin' it!

  12. 5argeTech /
    5argeTech / says:

    My Saturday BBQ has just been kicked up a notch…
    Thanks Fella's Peace!


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