Chateaubriand & Bacon Wrapped Green Beans


Chateaubriand & Bacon Wrapped Green Beans are the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner for two. Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill and walks you through the process, step by step.
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29 replies
  1. Megg Sohn
    Megg Sohn says:

    Can you not make beef broth with the trimmings that is being thrown away? I'm very interested in this process and using every part of the animal as our ancestors had to.

  2. Benjamin Cartwright
    Benjamin Cartwright says:

    accepted the challenge and turned out wonderful! i did price untrimmed and sprouts was at 15.99. could of used some longer beans but at the end of the night its not the length, but how you wiggle them. looking forward to next year's suggestion with my baby.

  3. handcannon
    handcannon says:

    For the "tail" of the filet, you could try treating it as I treat venison tenderloins (which are a LOT smaller than beef). Split it lengthwise (with the grain) for the initial steaks. When you eat it, make a cut widthwise (across the grain) and then back lengthwise again if necessary to make bite-size pieces. The end result is the same (a fairly short-grained chunk of meat), but the initial steak has enough overall mass not to be destroyed during the cooking process.

  4. Mark Reisig
    Mark Reisig says:

    For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to perfect my own bbq, getting ideas from online. Your videos keep popping up. I use some of yours, and some others, to create my own. I need to drop the other BS, and focus on what you do! You Rock Man! I wish I could spend a day or two with you, being your apprentice!!!! Keep on keepin brother! Thanks for everything!


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