Carne Asada Cedar Plank Nachos


Chef Tom fires up the Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill for some amazing charcoal grilled Carne Asada Cedar Plank Nachos with fresh pico & avocado crema!
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  1. J P
    J P says:

    (15:59) The local restaurant couldn't make this look better. GREAT JOB! And stop making these videos. I keep buying these spices you recommend — and using them. No seriously, keep it up. I bought a Yoder 640 because of your videos and the family loves my recreations. I'm getting more sex because of you. 🙂

  2. Bill B
    Bill B says:

    Chef Tom Fantastic idea! Looks delish but not sure why you'd go to the trouble of using an "expensive" cedar plank and not heat it up on the grill to impart some 'woody' flavor to the dish. I oiled the bottom of cedar planks one time, smeared them with a garlic puree on the top side, set salmon bellies covered with onions & basil on the puree, grilled them oil-side down for a couple minutes until they began to smoke/catch fire, then closed the lid to extinguish it – that was an 'OH MAMA!' moment!

    Maybe a different wood would be better, such as alder, cherry, hickory, maple, or red oak. I think trying this with one of those woods, oiling the plank bottom, topping the plank with corn chips, cheese, beans and meat and grilling it until it catches fire, close then the lid and let it smoke 5 min. Finally, remove it from the grill and finish it as you did.

    Maybe I'll try that….

  3. Dave Pruett
    Dave Pruett says:

    I have seen some videos recently where Tri Tip and Picanha, instead of being cooked medium rare/medium, are cooked like a brisket: low and slow to 160-ish, wrapped, then cooked to 200-ish (probe tender). It seems like blasphemy (although I have no problem with anyone cooking their food as they like it), but it looked juicy and delicious. Have you ever tried this technique on these cuts?

  4. Mathias Hellberg
    Mathias Hellberg says:

    M8 dont you think it is time to make a new bigass Briskit, but show some tips what you can do whit the meat beside how to grill it, i cant finde that many videos showing that, just how to do the Briskit. So Plz do on video about that! Ther is some weeks left but 8 Oktober i will be 40yers old so if you like to make a follower happy make this video for me. Like Ok, you have do your briskit for 12-16h but what are you gona do ywhit it now. Sorry for bad english.

  5. David Imbrogno
    David Imbrogno says:

    Looks awesome. Will execute at some point in the near future.

    I would love to see a creative approach to a lamb leg. They tend to get so heavy in their flavour. Would love to see your take on brightening up the flavour of a lamb leg!

  6. Jeremy Lee
    Jeremy Lee says:

    One of the few videos I've watched where my mouth was actually watering! These look absolutely on point! Thanks Chef Tom for the great video and don't listen to some of these jackasses on here, some people just suck and anyone with half a brain can see you have some mad skills!

  7. ncsam 000000
    ncsam 000000 says:

    Lmfao 🤢🤮 cedar plank taste awful smells like a pest store. What are your qualifications to call yourself a chef? Just cause you're on YouTube you call yourself a chef? Internet chefs are the best lmfao . Holy shit the way he cut the tomatoes hes not a real chef boys and girls. Yep I'm right

  8. Vlasis T
    Vlasis T says:

    Damn, just woke up and want this for breakfast. I do think there is a bit too much layering. Each layer stands on its own, I think the last two layers are too much.

  9. José Luis Baroja
    José Luis Baroja says:

    Man, before this recipe I already admired you as a great cook. But after this, I mean the dish selection, the names in Spanish, and the closing phrase "and let's be good to one another"…

    …now I admire you as a truly amazing human being!


  10. Alice S
    Alice S says:

    Random thought… there are so many subscriptions boxes out there now… but if you did like a quarterly one. I’d totally subscribe to that. Get some seasonings and a couple recipes to try. Possibly useful bbq tools.


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