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Smoked Oysters in a can PRODUCT OF AMERICA! Oysters, you either love them or hate them! Oysters the sweet, slimy, briny, filter feeding bivalve mollascs are absolutely delicious no matter how you eat them. As Pvt Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue would say if he was talking about oysters instead of shrimp, I like to think oysters are the jewel of the sea, you can eat em raw, fry em, grill em, roast em, broil em. Deys uh oyster stew, oyster po boy, oysters rockefeller, baked oysters, oyster pie, oyster stuffing, oysters wrapped in bacon, oyster shooters. That that about it!

Well Bubba forgot about smoked oysters in a can which from what I can remember are pretty good. I haven’t had them in years, so I don’t remember the kind I used to eat and I know there’s more brands than what I have here today so I may need to do a second video on canned smoked oysters as I find more. These are cheap smoked oysters are the ones carried by my local grocery store, walmart and dollar tree. All were under $2 a can.

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As most of you already know my local Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General or Walmart stores are my own personal adult playgrounds. I shop at these stores to find food that is generally highly processed, full of fillers and simply bad for us to eat regularly! Meat, vegetables, canned food, frozen food, refrigerated food, boxed food, vegan food, vegetarian food and all sorts of prepared foods, if it’s cheap and questionable I will do a taste test and food review on it! I also show you these foods are no bargain like these discount stores and manufacturers lead you to believe. I do this to show you that fresh foods are not only healthier, but they’re also cheaper than these so called bargain foods. So far I haven’t gotten sick, but some of these foods are certainly questionable and have come close to making me sick.

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  1. Michael West
    Michael West says:

    I would never condemn someones personal taste but I get a kick out of the crackers because of an old friend back in the 80"s. We would go to New Orleans and start at our favorite, Acme Oyster Bar, right off the French Quarter. Yes , that's a real establishment and, yes, they encourage everyone to bring their own tiny umbrella from home. He would tell every one how he just loved raw oysters, couldn't get enough. Then he would proceed to take sweet, briney goodness and put it between two saltine crackers with so much tabasco sauce and lemon juice that he would have problems with his little oyster sandwich falling apart from the excess moisture. I never saw or convinced him to eat an unadulterated oyster. I should add that he did this with a dip of Cope in his cheek. If it had been me I think I would have just admitted that I don't like raw oysters. No shame in that.

  2. Dewrdman
    Dewrdman says:

    The best oysters come from Washington, you cannot change my mind.

    The absolute best come out of Hood Canal, second is Willapa bay. Brady's oysters from Grays Harbor are also good, they are a bit different than the others because they farm raise them in an estuary.

    If you want to try a can of Brady's smoked oysters, drop me a line, I'll send you a can.

  3. supersped21
    supersped21 says:

    Just out of curiosity I work retail and the look people give when I say a product is from China I just think that they are just a closet racist I have plenty of things from there not even sick once so I dont are the point of sharing on china .. I'm just wondering why the dislike ?

  4. Vicki Takacs
    Vicki Takacs says:

    For that price and they can't even be bothered to clean them by purging. Nor are they using organic olive oil or sea salt or organic non gmo sugar. Americans need to stop accepting this inferior crap and make these companies accountable in every way.

  5. BaddaBeer
    BaddaBeer says:

    West coast oysters ARE Asian Japanese oysters… there was a disease a while back so they brought over Japanese oysters because they are disease resistant and are larger… just an FYI… east coast oysters are original, but there are people trying to bring the Asian oysters to the east coast

  6. Sylvia Young
    Sylvia Young says:

    I love trying exotic food's. When they are done right they can be an amazing experience. A few years ago I had the opportunity to try Caviar….now mind you I am an old school fisher woman and look upon it as stinky fish bait! Well we were at a top rated restaurant in Little Rock dining al fresco…wonderful place! On the menu they had caviar. My husband and I looked at each other and in tandem were like…hey why not! Mind you not cheap! So they brought us a beautiful tray with mother of pearl spoons, lemon, diced chives,

  7. LTSJR1
    LTSJR1 says:

    I absolutely love oysters. I’m looking forward to trying these! I love any seafood in La Hot Sauce. Sad to see there was not any. My favorite is Sardines or Fish steaks in La Hot Sauce! But I’m sure Oysters would be fantastic!!!!

  8. Gold Leaf
    Gold Leaf says:

    Hey TheWolfePit you should do a review on Aldis oysters!!!! The Fancy Whole Smoked Oysters they are GGN Certified!!!!!!! And there not in a can yet a box and none of there farmers are from China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to hear a review of those as I wanna try oysters yet dont wanna pay 6 dollars a can

  9. Derek Henschel
    Derek Henschel says:

    I don't know even if you could have got it cheaper 10 dollars per can for American oysters that don't have the Pacific pallet and have less if a iron taste because of it is well worth the price


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