Can READY TO EAT Baby Back Ribs Be Good? – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


Can Store Bought “Heat ‘em & Eat ‘em” Smoked Ribs Be Good? Watch and see!


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49 replies
  1. S R
    S R says:

    You've got to look for the Cheerwine ribs. Many Food Lions have those too. They are kind of expensive though and I've never bought them for that reason.

  2. Miss Chris
    Miss Chris says:

    That brand takes me back… I had an aunt that would send us Burgers Smokehouse turkeys and hams every holiday… if memory serves me correctly, the glazed hams were delicious!

  3. Esoteric Emissary
    Esoteric Emissary says:

    There isn't much meat on a rib though. Considering the price and the effort required to make them, it's more efficiently to buy other forms of steak or pork chops. You pay a hefty price for convenience as well. There is a product called Microwave Bacon. It's actually really good, but for $8 you're only getting 16 strips of Bacon.

  4. Vincent Venturella
    Vincent Venturella says:

    Some of the Brands are OK, if you rinse off the Pak sauce, lightly grill them to Heat' em Up with your Favorite Goto Brand….there is a really Cheap Brand that passes for KCM ( K.C. Masterpiece )…..@ Family Dollar, Rock on Bitch ! Alright, i won't Tease…it is Called Bulls-eye Everyday BBQ Sauce, Original….a Buck a Bottle, made by Kraft-Heinz LOL VJVMD

  5. rhonda90402
    rhonda90402 says:

    I get their catalogs in the mail here in California and have ordered their ham slices and ham hocks which are really good! They have a website that shows it all too. Now I have to try their ribs but shipping is pretty expensive.

  6. Hammurab
    Hammurab says:

    I love your videos but for some reason your videos don't have sound for me at all. And your videos seem to be only ones without sound 🙁 Youtube is screwing things 🙁

  7. Roam TV
    Roam TV says:

    'Hate Ribs..
    Now that's a good way to describe premade ribs. Leave the real smoke ribs to us pit masters. I mean us back yard grill guys with some skill.


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