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Campbells Chunky Hearty Pizza Soup! – Is it any good?? Would you eat it? Watch and see!

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  1. Frank Chase
    Frank Chase says:

    I honestly enjoy your channel, Wolfe, but billions of people all over the world are eating insects, worms, rodents, and the innards of mammals and fish that we Americans throw away, or give to our dogs and cats.  I guess it just doesn't pay to speak the truth.  So best of luck with your YouTube moneymaker, and suck a fat one for the protein.

  2. Byte Me
    Byte Me says:

    Well of course, Pizza soup. Why didn't I think of that? I suppose all you got to do is put some cheese and some go to, fix all, Universal ranch dressing crap on top and it'll be great. I especially like the deep dish pizza soup! I can remember the family gathered around, everybody trying to steal the last slice of pizza soup. There's nothing like cold pizza soup in the morning!
    I'm 61 years old and I've seen food in America disappear, this is just more conditioning to that end.
    Soylent Green would be an upgrade.
    It's going to end up with the Antichrist controlling the Food Supply through one Corporation and at that point it won't even be food. ? it's pretty much not food now, we're just waiting for the guy ?

  3. Perfect Chaos
    Perfect Chaos says:

    My school had pizza soup but it was just tomato soup with shredded cheese and pepperonis and oddly I loved it and tryed making it at home and at work with the microwaveable tomato soup and I just throw ripped up America cheese slice and chopped up slim Jim

  4. J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon says:

    They had me giggling as soon as I saw "spaetzle dumplings" on the ingredients list. So hilarious! Proper spaetzle is fantastic, but this looked awful, even without the noodles' nasty cohorts, and it had no place in anything purporting to be an Italian-style dish.


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