Cajun Rub recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys


There is nothing better tasting than that Deep South Bayou country flavor on chicken, pork, beef, and fish. Try this variation of the classic Louisiana Dry Rub at your next barbeque.

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  1. Tristen Naquin
    Tristen Naquin says:

    yep i know im cajun. been living in south louisiana for all my 14 years of life and been cooking for 12 of those years and this is the same rub i came up with after thinking for 2 minutes and with the ingredients i had lol. instead of thyme and bay leaf i use ground musrard

  2. BBQ Pit Boys
    BBQ Pit Boys says:

    thanks brasamaan, the pick'n music is studio music we own the copyright to for use on our BBQ Pit Boys vids. unknown artists except for Barbecue Shoes by Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns. -BBQ Pi8t Boys

  3. brasamaan
    brasamaan says:

    really great recipe.
    and i absolutely LOVE the music!!
    makes me want to flame my grill up this instant!!
    can u tell me where to get that great bbq-music?

    best wishes from austria

  4. tybo09
    tybo09 says:

    No, Wilson would have been very disappointed.
    He didn't shake anything and he didn't "sample" about half of the wine he used. LOL

    I know he didn't use any wine in the rub… I used to love when Wilson would "test" whatever alcohol he used and end up "testing" half of the bottle.

  5. bobby bear
    bobby bear says:

    I am your biggest fan of the show…wtg BBQ Pit Boys. It was nice to see a break down at the end of the video of how much ingredients we need to mix! Keep it up guys!

  6. mukwah1111
    mukwah1111 says:

    I DO smell it and it smells GOOD ! How about a Mexican rub with all of the above & cumin, ancho chili powder, added? That might work eh ? Take care of that cold now !


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