Cajun Blackened Surf and Turf – Steak and Shrimp Dinner


Everyone loves a good Surf and Turf dinner. But when you add Cajun Spices, lots of butter and Blacken them, it takes steak and shrimp to a new level that will make your taste buds pop!

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48 replies
  1. Cris Workizer
    Cris Workizer says:

    Larry that whole meal was Awesome..well done brother.been missing everyones vids with my new job a lot to learn it sucks, takes me away from all my you guys and gals all clear my head ..Thanks Larry

  2. joed596
    joed596 says:

    Looks super great as always, Wolfie! mmm . . . "surf and turf" is a tough combination to beat 🙂 You're VERY courageous to cook this INdoors, too! :-0 I would never try that, myself <lol> Hope the snow is disappearing quickly up there and that you have a great Superbowl weekend, my friend. Thanks and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe

  3. Anonymoose
    Anonymoose says:

    Pretty fine looking steaks there, Mister! I'd never seen a blacken seasoning reverse engineered before, and I thought they were a lot more mysterious than this.

    I love shrimp done like this, but you have to be so quick. By the time you get them all laid in there, the first ones already need turning, and when you get them all turned, the first ones are done. LOL

  4. CandyAppleRed 30"s Dub staxx
    CandyAppleRed 30"s Dub staxx says:

    Tonight I went for the Heinz 57 chicken recipe you made a couple days ago 👌🏽, I know you said 2 minutes but I put it to broil for 3 minutes right before is done and it gave it a taste as if you where to cook it in a barbecue grill literally , enjoy it with my pregnant fiancé thank you ..

  5. Tater 357
    Tater 357 says:

    I use to date a Cajun girl awhile back,and i can honestly say that The whole Cajuns can Cook theory is EXACTLY what the fuss is about. With that being said. I also had a Cajun tell me that if I ever heard ANYBODY refer to something as Blackened Cajun,to know it just meant they Burned it.

  6. MrMegaFredZeppelin
    MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

    You had me at Surf & Turf Larry 🙂 Our Cast Iron Skillet would love this 🙂 Now I'm hungry, thanks a lot lol 🙂 A "BIG" thumbs up and right into my CULINARY playlist 🙂 We will try this 🙂 Thank you Larry 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  7. Juanelo1946
    Juanelo1946 says:

    Larry, the char on those steaks and shrimp made my knees weak and my tongue hang out with desire. Even with the short cooking time, the shrimp were blackened to perfection! I know I would set off all the smoke alarms if I tried this inside. I do it with blackened fish without fail. I'll take 'em outside to the grill. Great EASY low-carb recipes! Thank you!!


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