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Maryland Blue Crabs are one of my all time favorite foods!
Fortunately I live where crabs are readily available, but not everyone has that luxury. Have no fear, you can have crabs anytime and anywhere you want (live or steamed) shipped to your door in 24 hours thanks to !


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36 replies
  1. Andrew Batts
    Andrew Batts says:

    I'd say if I lived far from the ocean, I'd rather have them killed and frozen right after harvest than have them sit alive in that gross water until they arrive at the store

  2. bob pinto
    bob pinto says:

    Interesting. Thanks for setting me straight on what PBR stood for. In that Zac Brown song Toes the lyrics say:
    And put my a__ in a lawn chair

    Toes in the clay

    Not a worry in the world a PBR on the way

    Life is good today.

    I thought PBR meant Pro Bull Riders. How embarrassing.
    Greetings from Hebron,MD. I live very near "America's Loneliest Highway".

  3. Eric Jones
    Eric Jones says:

    My wife and I did a sea food boil with blue crabs mussels and a mollusks that lives in conch shells. We got all the sea food fresh from our local oriental food store.
    We bought it Saturday but we boiled Sunday that said the blue crap that was in the Refrigerator for 24 hours not sure who lived or died I just put them in the sink and sprayed loop warm water on them and they all perked up!


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