Buttermilk Barbecue Smoked Chicken


Chef Tom’s Buttermilk Brined Smoked Chicken starts with a buttermilk soak, then gets an old school smoke on the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker.

Full recipe: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/buttermilk-barbecue-smoked-chicken/

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  1. Mark J Becker
    Mark J Becker says:

    Love your channel and THANK YOU for using a pure fire smoker – the offset. But, you might consider a reverse flow “Lang Smoker” and do more of your magic with just wood. Love the recipes, products, and your channel. Thank you!!

  2. sooperman12
    sooperman12 says:

    Yes!!! So many "cooks" wanna know "how long"? Cook to color, and tenderness. Look at you meat. Does it look rendered? Obviously make sure the internal temps are safe to eat but look and feel go a long way.

  3. Dalton Gaither
    Dalton Gaither says:

    I always come here to get inspired for my next grilling adventure. I have read that people smoke low and slow cold foods, like ice cream. It would be interesting to see if this is possible to get good results!

  4. ddjax904
    ddjax904 says:

    Tom, I always wonder what you do with the delicious looking meats after the videos. If you need someone to finish off that chicken, or anything else, I can be that guy.

  5. MouthfulOfSpiders
    MouthfulOfSpiders says:

    Guys…. I LOVE it when you do things legit on the stick burner. I know Yoder is a sponsor, and you'd never say a single bad thing about them, but let's be real here….. A pellet grill is an outdoor oven, set it and forget it. Stick burners are SO much more intimate and involved, and in the end, it just turns out the better product. Please….. WAY more cooks on the offsets. Save the outdoor oven for casseroles! 😉

    SAM TARVER says:

    I said this on a past video, but I’d love to see you do another Beef Jerky Video. You did one probably 4 years ago but I’d love to see it covered again. Maybe do 3 or 4 different flavors.

  7. MrMCPhilly
    MrMCPhilly says:

    Great video. I would def like to see more videos involving offset cookers / Kamado's, etc. The YS640s is an amazing piece but I'd like to see what other cookers can do.

  8. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    Beer can Turkey in the Offset Smoker for Thanksgiving.

    Cinco De Mayo tacos 4 ways Asada(beef), Carnitas(pork), Pollo(chicken), Pescado(fish).

    See if you can smoke berries (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) To make a colorful "Smokin' 4th of July" mixed drink.

    Everyone does Baby Back (pork) ribs so how about a beef rack

  9. carlfriesen1
    carlfriesen1 says:

    I would love to see your take on chicken that is both smoked and deep fried. I have developed my own recipe and think I have almost perfected it but there are few recipes out there. Cheers, keep up the good work!

  10. Cameron Quillon
    Cameron Quillon says:

    Great video, Chef Tom! I would love to see a Texas-style brisket on the offset. I've seen the past videos of brisket, but I feel like it just turns out so differently on an offset vs pellet.

  11. Brandon Douglas
    Brandon Douglas says:

    Man atbbq, you suck at cooking and Sam the cooking guy are helping me navigate these crazy times. On a side note I really appreciate your passion for cooking. Keep up the great content. Do you guys do tours of your shop? We live real close to you.

  12. Rita C
    Rita C says:

    I've requested this before and I never tried it myself but do you think smoked pickles would be possible? Smoke the cucumbers first then put them in the brine?


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