Butterflied Barbecue Pork Chop


If you’re looking for a simple barbecue recipe, then you’ll love these Butterflied BBQ Pork Chops. Chef Tom fires up the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe and utilizes the SloRoller to smoke the chops before cranking up the heat for a seared finish!
Full recipe: https://www.atbbq.com/thesauce/recipes/butterflied-bbq-pork-chops/
BBQ Pork Chop Kit: https://www.atbbq.com/sauces-and-rubs/flavor-kits/all-things-barbecue-butterflied-pork-chop.html

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  1. Nick Warner
    Nick Warner says:

    I'm going to get my briner bucket out next time I do these. Never thought to brine them. I like to do them with stuffing, not fully butterflied just cut a hollow pocket in the center. Finely dice an apple, roll it into some cinnamon and brown sugar and mix with some wild rice that is only about 2/3 of the way cooked. Sear both sides then move to indirect. The juices in the meat will finish the rice and soften the apples a bit. Glaze with a pineapple/apricot/brandy infused BBQ sauce and I do like to put in some chili powder when I make it. This gives a bit of heat to go along with your sweetness in the sauce and the stuffing. If you want to give it shot yourself go for it, if you like it make a vid

  2. SquirrelKnight
    SquirrelKnight says:

    Have you ever seen the japanese technique were they seperate the fatcap from the silverskin but leave it still attached to the loin, then remove the silverskin and roll the fat over it again?
    I bet It's a bitch to do, but it looks awesome.


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