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Fast Food Review!! I’m trying Burger Kings Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with medium french fries and a drink $9.19. That seems pricey to me, what do you think? But is it any good or good for us? How does it taste? How’s the quality? Is it a bargain? Watch and see!

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44 replies
  1. TheScape55
    TheScape55 says:

    $9.19 is pretty average for BK. For being a lower tier fast food restaurant, they charge pretty hefty prices for their sandwiches. Could go to Freddy's, Culver's or any of the higher quality fast food restaurants and pay less than you would at BK. Their prices are outrageous.

  2. Debbie Kerr
    Debbie Kerr says:

    I wanted a hot coffee so I went into burger King, and paid for a small size. I never got ut!! The young lady at the counter laughed at me, and said it's right there pointing to an empty pot!! Now you know why I don't go to burger King.

  3. DVL Exotics
    DVL Exotics says:

    My bk chicken parmigiana sandwich looked nothing like that. They definitely did that to you on purpose because every chicken sandwich I've had from any bk in my area was crispy with little marinara sauce and a decent amount of cheese and they definitely never nuked my sandwich.

  4. RICHARD1974
    RICHARD1974 says:

    3 minutes is the fast food speed of service time. Why you had to wait 7 mins for the meal? Maybe jim perdue and colonel sanders were out back fighting over the chickens? Who knows? As for the moron employee that microwaved the complete sandwich in wrapper ought to be horsewhipped….yeah with a horse. I worked at BK for 7 years. Yes it sucked but it paid the bills atm.

  5. Rae Higgins
    Rae Higgins says:

    Okay, I love your videos but your comment on fast food workers needing to try more by not microwaving sandwiches was a little wrong. I worked at Burger King for around 5 months and I can tell you from experience, we have no choice on how the food is made. Corporate controls everything down to using the microwave to melt the cheese on the chicken sandwich. So blame them lol. I'm not mad or anything, but just trying to express my experience.

  6. Jerry Swetlow
    Jerry Swetlow says:

    the employees are not deciding to microwave the burger they have been told to reduce wast and keep order times down so they are cooking a bunch of stuff at slow times and microwaving it during the rush to keep the wait times down on the drive through , this is no more there choice then the uniforms or lighting conditions

  7. Kolchak357
    Kolchak357 says:

    That looked brutal. I’m not brave enough to order that meal. BK has my least favorite fries. I was surprised you liked them.
    And yes, fast food has gotten expensive unless you want to dine of the dollar menus.

  8. lewis trombly
    lewis trombly says:

    I worked for burger king and have made that sandwich.they use the microwave for that one,there Italian chicken sandwich,ALL THE BURGERS,when it's one with veggies,they only microwave the bottom.They do
    this because they want the cheese melted,hope the meat is still warm once eaten.

  9. David Welsh
    David Welsh says:

    Back when I was a kid, the chicken Parmesan sandwich was one of the tastiest things on the menu when it was on there. Now, like everything Burger King it is just not worth the money they ask for.

  10. stitchergary
    stitchergary says:

    That's why I never eat fast food… $9.00+ for a fast food meal???? I'm staying in Thailand over the winter and I can get a big plate of spicy chicken with Thai basil and rice for $1.60 total… Delicious!!!

  11. Ryan Meyer
    Ryan Meyer says:

    Minimum wage is not meant for people trying to earn a living. At least it shouldn't be. I am a completely against rasing minimum wage, it would either cause more employees of the company to get layed off in order to redistribute more money to fewer people. And if nobody gets laid off, then the prices of all the food would increase without seeing any increase in quality. If you want to support your family, get your high school diploma, don't get your significant other pregnant (I'f you have one), and finally try to apply yourself when looking for a job. I do understand that not all people can go to college, but if you try hard enough, you can make something good with your life.

  12. Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor says:

    I used to eat a lot more fast food, and some meals are more affordable than others. At BK, the meals tend to be around the $6-$7 range as long as you stick to the main menu, and what you paid for a special promotional item seems about normal. When they have a special burger or something even more fancy, it can sometimes be up to $14 for a meal.

    That's not to say that BK is the most expensive – Arby's probably has it beat most of the time, especially in the chicken department. But, there's always Taco Bell that seems to have the cheapest food I've seen, usually clocking in at $5 or less to get two burritos and a side.

    You always get overcharged on drinks – it's how they get you. Even if you drink 2 larges, it probably only costed them about a quarter or two in syrup, where you paid around $2 for the large drink. So, usually it's better to have a backup, or get water when eating fast food.

    Honestly, at BK, you can get a good meal for a good price. The double cheeseburgers have 2, 1.5 oz patties on them, which actually puts them just shy of a whopper, in terms of meat. Double cheeseburger has 3 oz, and the whopper is 4 oz. You can make out like a bandit at most places if you stick to the value menu.

    And, quick tip: most places will give you fresh fries if yours are stale or cold. Burger King most certainly does this, I know because I worked there for several years, and I've seen other places do it too.

  13. Will Wilkins
    Will Wilkins says:

    Before i even watch, back inHS when i worked there, chick parm+Curly fries was my favorite. Hoping they didn't boink it too much. Crap……Sammitch?:(used to be a sub (Hero, grinder, whatever)


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