Brown Sugar Bacon Smokies | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Looking a for a game day snack ? need a quick recipe for tailgating, look no further, these bacon wrapped brown sugar smokie’s are quick and easy to make as shown here by the Beer and Bone Chapter way up in Canada.
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33 replies
  1. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    Now this is what I call as man's candy. Oh I'm so gonna make this. The whole family are gonna love it especially the kids. Heck, even my toothless gramps will like this. 😁😁😁. BPB4L!!👍👍👍

  2. Gray
    Gray says:

    The bees seemed pretty interested. I don't blame them. These things are addictive. I don't use honey though. I give them a coating of barbecue sauce. It gets all sticky and caramelized and awesome.


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