Brisket Diner Burgers Recipe


Chef Tom takes some fresh ground brisket and makes classic diner style cheeseburgers on the Le Griddle with some crisp bacon and sautéed onions. Shop @ ATBBQ:

Full recipe:

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45 replies
  1. tommyb1two3
    tommyb1two3 says:

    Why does everyone insist on frying burgers on a cast iron skillet or a flat top? Is it because of the high heat? More space
    so you can fry multiple burgers at once? Why is it that no one mentions frying them on a non stick pan? Isn't that easier?

  2. goodgamenore
    goodgamenore says:

    Come on guys stop hating on the American cheese… I think nobody would argue that American cheese doesn’t stand a chance in comparison to all the great types of European cheese, however we are talking about a diner burger here so american cheese has its place in this world 😉

  3. Kevin Boydston
    Kevin Boydston says:

    This is a'ight. Patties are cooked perfectly and you didn't fuck around with your cheese – American is the only choice for a diner burger. But these need some acid. Mustard, pickle, SOMETHING to cut the fat. You've got beef fat, pork fat, buttered buns, cheese and mayo – all fat and nothing to contrast.

  4. Garth Clark
    Garth Clark says:

    Great idea, thanks. Been to a few big name "grocery stores" that have a butcher/meet department and have been told they won't grind any beef other than what they usually grin for beef hamburger. Something about sanitation and cross contamination store rules/policy. Usually, when brisket, chuck or round beef is on sale, I'd buy some bulk and ask for 10 1 lb packages and they would do it. These days, thats not happening in big stores. I can't wait for the day our food is simply packaged in expensive containers on a hook display board and no buttermilk, flour, salt, sugar, oils etc will be on the shelves for those who prefer to cook their meals because everything is pre-determined for you and at a rip off price.

  5. gbkits33
    gbkits33 says:

    this time you skipped the egg in the meat!!! good progress! then you smashed the burger ! well done! as for contiments i preffer old good oklahoma style !
    greetings from greece!

  6. jsdott
    jsdott says:

    Great recipe! Some of my eggs burst open at 350°F for 30 minutes on my Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. Is there any way I can prevent this? I'm assuming either take them off sooner and/or dial back the heat.

  7. Mike B
    Mike B says:

    Damn that looks good. All these people talking out there ass like they could do better. Sorry… your mcdonalds cooking lessons arent up to snuff im afraid…. this is what he does… like you have any place to say he is doing shit wrong

  8. Daniel Currie
    Daniel Currie says:

    Okay folks let me clear this up, American Cheese is the only choice for a Cheeseburger….if you use a different kind of cheese it's just called a Hamburger with cheese 😂😂

  9. Shawn Williams
    Shawn Williams says:

    Aye Chef Tom, I would love to see you make some homemade "state fair" corndogs!!… I have tried a couple of different recipes on youtube and can't seem to get them as good as they do in the store or at the fair



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