Proper Poutine right from Canada, packed with curds and griddle cooked maple bacon, this poutine was everything we heard it was and some more
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38 replies
    HOCUS POCUS says:

    Me before clicking the video: I love poutine and BBQPBs!
    Me: This is going to be awesome!
    Me at the beginning of video: YES…they are using the right type of cheese curds and they are adding bacon and brisket!
    Me: This is awesome!
    Me near the end of the video: why are they cooking the cheese curds instead of melting them with the gravy?
    Me at the end of the video: why are they adding maple syrup?
    Me: Are they making fun of us?

  2. smally1986
    smally1986 says:

    I think MacDonald's used to actually fry their chips in beef tallow up until the early 90's.

    Canned gravy? Didn't even know that existed lol.

    Damn that's some good looking Poutine!

  3. Chris F
    Chris F says:

    Sorry boys, this one's a miss.. If you can't hear the squeal of the curds, it isn't poutine, no matter how it was branded.. Don't melt it, has to be cheesy squeaky.. Other than that, great job.

  4. Olivier Belval
    Olivier Belval says:

    I am french canadian and I approve of this poutine ! Compliment poutine sauce is not the best but it is way better than what i have seen on Youtube. Chesse curd are suppose to melt with the gravy and not be melted before. Anyway, the curds didn't look too melted so it's still alright. For the bacon, I bow down to your superior knowledge of the meat and BBQ. Maple syrup is a really nice touch, it gives this sweet/salty taste and with the bacon, it must have been SO good. Green onions are always nice on a "fancier" poutine. I give it 9/10, good job !


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