Blackstone Griddle Fired Filet Mignon | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

Blackstone Griddle Fired Filet Mignon | Recipe | BBQ Pit Boys

We take our Blackstone griddle to the next level with the addition of a charcoal cooking grate. Bingo, the best of both worlds and real cheap to do as you’ll see here with the BBQ Pit Boys
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40 replies
  1. Schmidty’s Kettle Corn
    Schmidty’s Kettle Corn says:

    No double dipping. Lol. Nice videos. I see some new guys recording some cool videos as well. That's awesome that you have a team of people, who all conveniently have 4 foot beards, making great videos. Kinda got that ZZTop feel towards the end. Lol.

  2. sls3553
    sls3553 says:

    Charcoal on a griddle? Well, I suppose a fancy piece of meat requires a fancy way to grill it. Don't bother to ask "why" because I can already see what the answer will be: "because we can and it's pitmaster's privilege." 😆😆😆😆

  3. K H
    K H says:

    Having lived 4 years in Japan I never seen any yakitori that wasn’t marinated in soy sauce, garlic, chili flakes etc. It was also sauced/basted on the grill. A $10 throw away hibachi grill from Walmart would of saved u finger burns and cooked just as well. You can actually bbq on the hood of your car but your paint job won’t appreciate it 😂 I’d never massacre arguably the most flavorful, tender cut of meat on the cow.

  4. Tim Bo
    Tim Bo says:

    Lord i wanna rock and roll
    All nite
    Eat steak everyday .
    Lord theres a million ways to cook steak
    You made it that way
    And ya out of respect for
    The yellow jacket
    You must give it its own
    Plate .
    And brush away to it .
    Yj training 101


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