Benihana Japanese Steakhouse Yakisoba Steak Noodle Bowl!! – WHAT ARE WE EATING?? – The Wolfe Pit


Benihana The Original Japanese Steakhouse now has their Yakisoba Steak Noole Bowl in the frozen food section of your local grocery store. BUT is it any good? Watch and see if they’re any good or not!


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27 replies
  1. TheNewfieDogGuy
    TheNewfieDogGuy says:

    I tried this, before I saw this video due to the lovely coronavirus lockdown and was horribly disappointed by the noodles and steak it tasted like slippery rubber with seasoning. Watching this now, gives me a great laugh

  2. Eric McHugh
    Eric McHugh says:

    By chance, I bought this for a quick lunch a few weeks ago. I needed a bite and ACME had it on sale. I was pretty happy with it. It wasn't blow-your-mind great, but it was surely a step up from most of these types of frozen meals.

  3. Angelic Cat AlienCrew333
    Angelic Cat AlienCrew333 says:

    Nah basically taking beef broth added it with corn starch and corn syrup and cooking the beef in that. Then slicing it adding it to the dish. I personally dont like my steak cut up like dog food or looked like it was already eaten as you can see in the picture in that little circle lol.

  4. Nicholas Cuccaro
    Nicholas Cuccaro says:

    I'm gonna post this on every video I watch. I originally found his channel late and wanted to watch the videos faster, so I turned up the speed to 1.5x playback. I simply CANT go back now. He sounds SO much funnier, his comments, and his delivery and "YOU the people" is even better. I guarantee, if you go to 1.5 and get used to it, it's SO much better than the original speed.


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