Beer Can Chicken – Old Bay Beer Can Chicken – Beer Can Chicken Recipe


In this cooking video The Wolfe Pit shows you how to Grill Old Bay Beer Can Chicken on the Grill Dome.

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“Big Rock” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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34 replies
  1. Luisfer CR
    Luisfer CR says:

    That's a good tip you gave about warming up the "beer can" to steaming temperature. I have tried cooking the "beer can chicken" several times and have wonder why pretty much the same amount of beer I put in, came out… Plus no beer flavor at all! I'm going to try with that hint next time and see… No one had ever mention that key point and none commented on how much beer/liquid actually remained after the chicken is done. Thanks!

  2. Jera Anderson
    Jera Anderson says:

    1st attempt was a winner for our Thanksgiving dinner! Me and mama enjoyed our little cajun chicken!
    May try to do a small turkey this way some time. Just have to use a 40 ounce Bud can and build a wire holder for him!

  3. This is Whats for Dinner
    This is Whats for Dinner says:

    Oh hell yeah brother!! Thanks for this video.. I'm gonna do my first Beer Butt Chicken tomorrow, and as per usual, I came to see if you had one for me to learn from.. And YES, of course you did!! That's just another reason I love your channel. I learn from you, on every single video, and then execute it as if I knew what I was doing.. I'm a Wolfe Pit member Fo' Life.. 😉 Thanks again Larry!!


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